5th Avenue Royale (2017)

5th Avenue Royale by Elizabeth Arden
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5th Avenue Royale is a popular perfume by Elizabeth Arden for women and was released in 2017. The scent is woody-spicy. It was last marketed by Revlon.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRaspberry liqueur, Italian bergamot, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesPatchouli, Atlas cedar Orpur®, Cypriol
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Oud, Suede, Musk



8.2 (30 Ratings)


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8.3 (35 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 26.09.2019
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Very helpful Review    12
What? There's no tea in here??
Hello you perfumed freaks and welcome to a new comment from me :D
Today we are talking about 5th Avenue Royale by Elizabeth Arden, a brand I actually only got to know for one reason.

Well, can you guess already? Of course you can. Because even if Elizabeth Arden should have a lot of other scents, you might think of the "Green Tea" scent series, of which there are now 20 flankers besides the original Green Tea (yes, I have counted them here in the Parfumo database, but it can be that I have totally miscounted... :D). Of course most of them have been discontinued in the meantime, but there are always new flankers coming out, so you are always well supplied green tea-wise! And since I am totally into tea scents in general, as you know, it was only a matter of time before I would come across these Green Tea scents, right? That's right Phew, now I've talked a whole paragraph about how I got to this fragrance line!

But there are of course other fragrances that have nothing to do with tea, but this does not mean that these fragrances are less worth testing. 5th Avenue also seems to be a quite popular series of this brand, although I have to admit that I don't know a single fragrance here yet and the Royale here is my first fragrance of it now. Well, let's see how it smells. Although Royal sounds pretty British, and don't English people like tea? Hmmmm... D
Never mind... I'll sniff off first!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with light leather and oud and lots of sweet raspberry. The leather quickly moves into the background, while the oud quickly becomes stronger. Quite fast also green earthy patchouli is added, which also begins to smell quite intensively.
Although the fragrance starts off quite fruity, it quickly becomes warmer and softer, which should be due to the oud and the slightly clean musk, which you can smell from time to time. The raspberry (or meanwhile rather raspberry liqueur) still smells, which I find quite nice. Apart from that, it's all about oud and patchouli (together with the raspberry). Well, actually it stays that way until the end, but that doesn't matter, because the fragrance smells nice all the time!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay. However, the fragrance begins somehow more bombastically than it actually is, since the initial sillage of the top note quickly disappears. However, the fragrance still has a good charisma and can therefore be smelled well for a while. The shelf life is also good, so that the fragrance can be easily perceived for eight to nine hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, black and high. On the front you can see a black label with golden frames and (probably tactile) flower patterns. The gold-plated lid looks like a column end optically and reminds a little of the lids of the Tom Ford flacons. It's a nice bottle.

Okay,...despite Royale in the fragrance name, there's not a trace of tea in the fragrance (...crap!), so I probably interpreted too much into it earlier. But that doesn't matter, because the scent has become so beautiful and tea doesn't always have to be in the scents (oh my God, did I just really say that???).

Yes, the fragrance is warm and powdery with a well-dosed (and therefore not annoying) eagle wood or oud with sweet-fruity raspberry, some leather and patchouli as main fragrances. Since I didn't know any other scent of this brand except the tea scents of Elizabeth Arden, it seems a little unusual to me to smell such a scent, but it was worth it, because the scent is very beautiful and smells even better than you would have expected at the price, because you can't smell anything synthetic. It is good for the day, but also suitable for going out. By smell I would use it in all seasons except summer. In my opinion it is worth a test and might surprise you what you can sniff here, provided of course you like the smell of raspberry, because it smells quite intense here.

But how can you not like raspberry? Not to mention the taste, the fragrance also seems so delicious and cute and... oh no matter... I don't really rave about it now. Not again, so I'll just say briefly: Go out, test it and enrich your environment with your great, delicious and sweet charisma, he he :D

So, that's it. Have a nice evening and until next time again :)
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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The constantly changing New York
I have never been there before, but I know some authentic reports about this city. For some a juggernaut, a synonym for "big city" par excellence. For others a source of inspiration, "American dream" and "metropolis for culture and fashion". Opinions are often far apart.
But all in all, what I read out of these different trains of thought is that everything is New York. And yet not exclusively.
It's a city in constant flux. Recently he has also been very committed to nature conservation. In the form of "roof greening rage" (super!!), as well as expansion of parks and trees in the city centre (just as super!!) and much more.
And at the same time the centre of fashion and "fragrance culture", with leading houses such as Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. The latter has already brought out some tributes to New York. All as diverse as the city itself. Urgestein "5th Avenue" from the eighties, a "real" perfume, flowery, well made, about some other 5th Avenue scents (hardly one resembles the other) and now "5th Avenue Royale" which smells almost completely different.
The focus is on woods, spices and herbs. (probably an allusion to the above) . Trees create new spaces.
A tribute to all the parks in the world? And to the zeitgeist, which hopefully will last a long time.
A fragrance lovingly composed with fine humour that surprises me with its unsweet fullness. And flowers? No answer? I wouldn't say that. A rose and orange blossoms in the background create a mild "forest atmosphere" and a soft presence, which is very similar to "Mother Nature".
And reminds us that New York is not just a "juggernaut", but a big city in perpetual change. now for the better....
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

468 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    28
Smell royalty and pay little!
Once again I have to take up a lance... for inexpensive fragrances. I deliberately don't want to say "cheap", but to emphasize that in the case of 5th Avenue Royale nothing smells primitive or even cheap. This fragrance is no fake news, no cheap crap, no counterfeit, but what the Americans call "great value for money".
5th Avenue Royale starts slightly fruity. Raspberries smell different to me, but they are supposed to be evoked here. I'm thinking chocolate with red fruit jelly. After this note has settled, patchouli and cedar wood follow, which together have a fine spicy effect. Yes, there's a hint of oudh, but he's holding back very discreetly. When you can smell the basic tone after some time, you can hear a bit of leather. This also sounds restrained and plays no leading role, but one recognizes it in the choir of the other aromatic actors.
What remains is the impression of a slightly oriental, warm quality fragrance, which does not have to hide behind very, very much higher-priced colleagues.
Normally no big fan of Elizabeth Arden, I am positively surprised this time. For little money you get a solid winter companion here, who surrounds you with a warming cover, without being pushy or overcrowded (my mother likes to use the word... - i don't usually use it, but here it fits) or even being over-the-top.
There may be people who are lucky enough to spray their Chanel Les Exclusifs or Clive Christian or Roja Dove every day. If you have a much tighter budget and still want to smell good, you should definitely try this Arden fragrance here.
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