White Tea Vanilla Orchid (2019)

White Tea Vanilla Orchid by Elizabeth Arden
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White Tea Vanilla Orchid is a new perfume by Elizabeth Arden for women and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-creamy. It is being marketed by Revlon.

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Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Primofiore lemon, Quince, Elemi resin
Heart Notes Heart NotesVanilla orchid, White tea, Gardenia, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Ambrette seed, Amber, Musk, Florentine iris



7.6 (11 Ratings)


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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 27.06.2020.
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A tea scent with hardly any tea scent in it, but with vanilla cake and lemon sugar icing!
Hey guys :)
I'm coming today as threatened... no wait, it sounds better if I write "as announced", right? He he, so I come today to the second new Flanker of the White Tea fragrance of Elizabeth Arden, after I had introduced last week the first Flanker of it (Wild Rose). As you know, I test as good as any tea scent I can get my hands on. Some of them inspire me very much, much remains mediocrity, but many are still quite good. I complain a lot about my comments because I am one of those people you can never please (NOT true!!!!), but I am at least honest (... I hate writing commissions! :D).

Sooo, the first Flanker, Wild Rose, hadn't really inspired me. There was too much average rose in it for tea, so I can't really recommend it. But I also sprayed myself with the second Flanker to avoid having to walk to the shelf again (I'm not crazy, the shelf is colorful and next to it is the make-up department... I'm already testing women's scents in the presence of FEW women, but so with this shelf arrangement were far too many of these creatures... uh too many ladies on the way near the shelf!!!). Therefore I could compare these tea smells and describe you now times the vanilla Orchid.

The fragrance:
This fragrance here is the fragrance of this fragrance series that starts totally different and also shows the biggest differences to the normal White Tea or White Tea Wild Rose. Because while the first two fragrances begin similarly and the Wild Rose almost smells like the White Tea (only with roses in it), soon after spraying you can smell a loosely sweet vanilla as well as beautiful lemons.
And although vanilla is usually a rather autumnal and wintery fragrance (at least in my opinion), the vanilla here is rather airy and loose. And together with the beautiful, slightly citric lemon, the whole thing looks like sooo delicious vanilla cake with a lemon sugar icing for a while!! One really has the feeling as if one has a piece of this loose cake in front of one, which one eats together with tea or coffee and swears to eat only a piece of it and at the end to crush half the cake :D
Mmmmh! Delicious :DD
Anyway, this impression remains until the end and I would mention vanilla and lemon as the main fragrances here. Unfortunately, you can hardly smell the tea anymore, so the fragrance seems quite different from the other two White Tea fragrances. At the end there are still resinous notes, which also come across as balsamic, so that the scent, which has already scented a little powdery through the vanilla, comes across even softer and gentler. And despite the rather warm scents, the fragrance is still loose, so that one could wear such a fragrance with a powdery-sweetish orientation even in (not too hot) summer. Oh yes, right at the end, as is usual with vanilla fragrances, you almost only smell vanilla.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is much better than the normal White Tea, but a little weaker than the Wild Rose. You have to get closer to perceive the beautiful scent of one. Also the shelf life is more than twice as good as the normal White Tea, so that the fragrance can be smelled on the skin for about six hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has a great colour gradient from white to clear or transparent from top to bottom. The lid is also rectangular and white, the neck is gold plated. At the bottom of the bottle on the front you can see the name of the fragrance in dark purple letters. Due to the compact shape, the bottle also fits very well in the hand. All in all, a beautiful, good bottle.

Sooo! If you can remember my comment on Wild Rose, the other flanker of White Tea, then I wrote that the Wild Rose was rather trivial for me, which I just found mediocre. If you can't remember that I wrote something like this, it means you didn't read my comment!!!!! Aaaargh, I'm writing my fingers sore here, and nobody cares *sigh*

But I continue bravely and have almost managed to describe this fragrance here. Apart from my complaining, I would like to say that I liked this fragrance much better here. It smells so great after loose, almost juicy vanilla and/or after vanilla cake, on which one has generously painted a lemon sugar icing over it, with which everything smells mouthwateringly delicious. This even lasts a while until the base starts to smell somehow only like powdery vanilla, which is also nice and belongs to the vanilla fragrances that can be worn on warmer days!

Unfortunately, we'll have to cut back on tea. In my opinion, the least you can smell here is the tea note, if at all, so you might think that the fragrance had nothing to do with the White Tea range if the name of the fragrance wasn't on the bottle. But anyway, this is not sooo bad now (*SCHNÜFF* NO tea tea!!!!!!!), so that this smell is already quite worth testing here!

I'm done with that again and wish you all a great evening, then until the next time :)

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