White Tea Wild Rose (2019)

White Tea Wild Rose by Elizabeth Arden
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White Tea Wild Rose is a new perfume by Elizabeth Arden for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-green. It is being marketed by Revlon.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPear blossom, White tea, Palmarosa, Red currant
Heart Notes Heart NotesBulgarian rose, Turkish rose, Pink peony, Clary sage
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Tonka bean, Musk, Mate absolute



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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 07.09.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    6
ocean doesn't care
Finally it's here: the long-awaited summer holiday! After some turbulent weeks, our decision to spend the time at the seaside seemed to me to be the right one. When we were on Fuerteventura in 2016, fascinated by the unbridled, rough Atlantic, our standard saying became established when we got excited about our work there: "The Ocean doesn't care" And yes, he doesn't care. He was there long before us and hopefully will be after us.

There is something healing about seeing water in motion, be it a gentle stream, a crackling shower or a wild ocean. Another popular stress-reduction method is water meditation, in which one imagines the water exactly. This inner journey of thought is supposed to be as relaxing as the contemplation of photos. Most relaxation, however, comes from a true visit. So pack your bags quickly and off you go.

Not yet, you guessed it, without a bulging cosmetic bag full of perfume. So it was very convenient for me that the week before I received two rehearsals from my dear perfume friends. Some of the samples went directly into the bag, along with a few specimens from my pool that were saved especially for the holidays. Don't forget your booklet and pen and you're ready to start the cheerful summer holiday test series.

The fragrance for day 1: the arrival, should be an uncomplicated one and so I decided for White Tea Wild Wild Rose, which I had already tested months before in the perfumery and found good. Immediately after spraying, a fresh and extremely pleasant rose fragrance blows around me. My boyfriend likes it too, so I can sit in the passenger seat and don't have to travel in the trunk ;)

The fragrance quickly develops a light soapiness, which seems just bearable and clean to me here and now. It's my fault or the wind, but after 2 hours I don't smell anything anymore and spray it. On the way and not always very attentive to the nose, I can not tell at that time whether the original White Tea DNA is included, later, tested in parallel, it could be so. The fragrance, however, remains rather linear, with a dominant rose. Here I wish I could have smelled more tea. But the fragrance pyramid is almost exuberant and I wonder what's wrong with my nose? Why I can only smell this slightly soapy rose.

After 6 hours by car we finally arrive in Norddeich, quickly parked our car, jumped onto the ferry and sailed over to Norderney. Hello Ocean, nice to see you again! Do you like my rose scent? I believe Ocean, it doesn't matter.
And I also find it beautiful and pleasing, but it is not one that I have to buy at all costs. With choice, I would always reach for the original or with Rosenlust to Stella.

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8.0 6.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Helpful Review    6
Tea brewed with rose water!
Hello folks! Here I am again, telling you today about another fragrance. Today it's about one of the new flankers of Elizabeth Arden's White Tea fragrance, which had inspired me very much at that time, because... well, hello? tea fragrance? Of course the scent inspired me :D
Of course I had complained at that time about the absolute seamiserablen Sillage, because I am always somehow at the complaining (There is coriander in it!) It's too hot! I don't have a girlfriend! Doofe drink tea WITH milk in it! Nobody's gonna let me bite them! It's too hot! I have already mentioned the last one, but the extremely hot summer really annoys me a lot, moan moan moan moan, and tomorrow it will be especially brutal!!!), but apart from that White Tea has been an excellent and for tea scent lovers highly recommendable white tea scent :)

So, I would never have thought that White Tea would become a new fragrance series now, since this year two Flankers have appeared in addition! Wild Rose and Vanilla Orchid! And it was so obvious that I had to test those scents. And that's why I finally did it. On my way to the perfume shop (actually a drugstore) I saw all the scents standing next to each other, so it was a great opportunity to compare all three scents. So I grabbed the flacons, waited until the last woman was about 1 km away (there are women's fragrances and, as you know, NO ONE is allowed to see me spray a women's fragrance! D) and sprayed me then fully!

And it was a lot of fun to be able to test these tea scents, even if the scent here, Wild Rose, was olfactory the weakest scent of this scent series, at least in my opinion. So here is my opinion:

The fragrance:
The scent starts for a moment like the normal white tea (but without the tangerine aroma), where you can perceive a very weak, white tea, but then you soon smell a slightly sour rose that smells like roses do. The roses are not too intense like in some other fragrances, but they are still the strongest fragrance in this fragrance and can be smelled very well.
At the beginning, the tea scent of the roses is clearly superimposed from time to time, so that now and then one has difficulties to perceive the white tea or also the mate. Besides, there's a nice little sweetheart coming from the amber.
A little later the amber gets weaker, so that for a little while you only notice roses again, until they lose a little intensity, where you can smell the tea better again. In the end, the fragrance still smells of sour flowery roses, but also a bit of tea and mate and is generally not very sweet. The scent is nice, but also not soo special.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The scent is truly no firecracker, but at least clearly stronger than the beautiful, but unfortunately admittedly sillagemäßig sauschlechte normal white tea. Because at least I myself could perceive this scent every now and then without having to sniff close to my arm, so the scent will still be reasonably good for others to smell from close up. The durability is also much better. While one could hardly smell the normal White Tea after two hours, one can perceive Wild Rose six hours or even a little longer on the skin.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has a beautiful gradient from white to transparent (and from top to bottom). The name of the fragrance is written in pink at the bottom of the bottle. The neck of the bottle is gold-plated, the rectangular lid is white. A beautiful bottle that also fits well in the hand.

Soo, that was the first Flanker of White Tea I tried here. I didn't like the fragrance as much as the normal White Tea, which might be due to the roses, because they were too normal for me and a little bit boring for 0815. The normal White Tea, on the other hand, had a much nicer scent of great tea, even if you could only perceive the scent very briefly and also very weakly. But this one is now more than twice as good, both from the Sillage and from the durability, even if this should not be so noticeable in the beginning.

If I hadn't also tried the much better vanilla orchid at the same time, I would say that the waiting time of about four hours before the shelf, until all the women were finally gone so that I could test the scent, had been completely in vain, hey he :D

But seriously, the fragrance is rather mediocre and will probably only be moderately well received. For tea lovers the tea here smells too little or the smell too rosy, even if you should smell the tea a little better towards the end. And for rose lovers the rose here is too 0815-rosig and therefore nothing special. It's a pity, but well, as I said, there's the Vanilla Orchid, which I'll probably introduce here in the coming week, so be patient a little longer, have a cup of tea (in this heat it's better to go and have a lukewarm tea), play with the hangover and complain about upcoming hot days (as I, ouch, tomorrow it's hotter than on the surface of the sun, baaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!)
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I now have the scent on for about 2 hours to see how it (still) develops. But he's not. It sticks to my forearm and screams very loudly: I actually wanted to be called Taft Hairspray Rose and was bottled wrong. Not bad, just a little stinging hairspray note. Who likes ;-) I don't.

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