Passion (Eau de Toilette) by Elizabeth Taylor

Passion 1987Eau de Toilette

04.12.2020 - 10:26 PM
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Passion-Sashay Yourself Into Stunning, Confident, Deliciousness
Pow! First spray...what an animal Liz Taylor created with this juice. Passions, animals on the prey, musk and incense all attack the senses. It must be the civet that I adore and smile about, but smile inside it makes me do. I keep sniffing my wrists and saying, "So beautiful." I love this fragrance.
Passion settles down into a woman's sensual scent, promising what's yet to be. A high-heeled, black-stockings, bat your lashes, use your fingernails, arch your eyebrow, Baby I know who I am and what I've got fragrance. It's not a user beware, it's the opposite. Your date, SO, whatever is in trouble.
Drydown to a sweet, musky, powdery incense, making Passion a wonderful Oriental that's ignored because of it's price. Don't be fooled by the name and the politics. Don't let yourself be swayed by commercialism and hype and pay exorbitant prices to cover the costs of commercials and tv. Close your eyes and let your nose tell you what's wonderful.
One spritz lasts for hours and hours and sillage is about an arms length. This is sexy, yes, but also cozy and warm in it's own way.
The African Amethyst color of the art deco glass bottle is elegant. The gold cap could be replaced, I'll agree, but if that was the decision, I'll live with it.
There are so many different flavors to this delicious scent, one try isn't enough to benefit from it's full potentials. At times, spices mix into the brew of decadence, while leather, smoke and incense dance around the flames of desire that the creator of this frag intended to concoct a potion so intense she was willing to chance it all as her very first fragrance on the market. Passion is just so delicious!
Why has this ET fragrance been ignored or shunted? By far, it is the richest of them all. It is an eye-opener, a knock-your-socks-off with the aldehydes at the top. But the sandalwood, patchouli, coconut and vanilla all bring it down in the base to a scent of incredible strength. Think 1940's Hollywood and strong women such as Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Betty Davis.
Some call this a drugstore perfume, because Elizabeth Taylor wanted all women to be able to appreciate her scents. Ironically, her perfumes are also sold in department stores such as Macys. So they must appeal to women of various backgrounds. It's both department and drugstore.
I also love Diamonds and Rubies by ET. I've since purchased Diamonds and Emeralds. I'm searching for Black Pearls, another I believe will fit my fragrance nose. The popularity of her line should tell consumers that her perfumes will become classics just as the inimitable Elizabeth Taylor has become in history. I am delighted to own, wear and display these.
I recently watched the great actress Joan Crawford making her exit at the end of an episode of Route 66, sashaying her skirts with her hands, her back ramrod straight, her high heels clicking the pavement, never looking back at the cast of characters. But their eyes were all pinned on her as she walked down the street. I imagine her wearing a perfume such as Passion, leaving the beautiful fragrance in the wake of her stunning exit, and that's why she always left such a memorable impression of confidence. A perfume such as this one does that to you.
Passion is amazing with all its notes. Not an everyday perfume,not at all. But when you want to feel special, sexy, powerful inside, go for this bottle. It will transform you.
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