Passion for Men (Cologne) by Elizabeth Taylor

Passion for Men 1989 Cologne

10.04.2022 - 07:49 PM

Never got the recognition it deserved

I've always had an interest in fragrances. When i was a kid growing up in the 1970s i vividly remember my dad wearing either Halston Z-14 or Grey Flannell. That being said as the 1980s rolled around and i matured a bit i started wearing fragrances. In 1989 i went to Gigolos men's shop and picked up Passion by Elizabeth Taylor. Not my 1st ever fragrance but i was only a teenager. Truth be told out of the 22 fragrances i had at the time, Passion for men was my most disliked fragrance. I just didn't care 4 it. So fast forward 33yrs my opinion changed drastically regarding Passion. Of course i bought the vintage formulation because i refuse to wear classic fragrances from decades earlier because of a few reasons. The biggest reason being the Oakmoss restriction. That note is in 90% of those earlier classics so i don't bother because it's a disgrace to perfumerie. Anyway i love the spicy powdery composition and the longevity is outstanding. I guess i just didn't appreciate what i previously had. I certainly do now though. A vintage bottle on ebay goes for a good price. Even though it's not Dior or Tom Ford or Creed, don't be a fragrance snob. Go get yourself a bottle and discover an unsung hero.
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