White Diamonds (Eau de Toilette) by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds 1991 Eau de Toilette

06.10.2020 - 07:15 AM

Horrendous... HORRENDOUS! Could I possibly be any more clear?

I loathe this in every single formula. Loathe this. LOATHE THIS. I could only imagine that hell (which I will never go to) will be playing deafening loud Queen rap remixes with a continuous spray of White Diamonds up your skeletal nose along with brimstone raining down onto you. Further, you’re attempting to wade in a shallow pool of molten lava while being forced to listen to Queen and smell White Diamonds! God this perfume is torture to the maximum.

I dunno... maybe this smells like pixie dust while wearing it, totally drug inducing. I will tell you that from an outside nose, you make me feel sick to my stomach, and I can’t breathe around you. It’s like my soul is being stolen right through my mucous membranes. And it’s not even the sillage, it’s this huge, huge bubble that’s like 10 feet by 10 feet that nose fucks everyone. It’s this hella, ‘hella’ musky/oakmoss purple floral that smells like moth balls. It’s literally nauseating. I feel violated from this nasty shit when I unwantingly experience it. This is like the girl version of Bowling Green’s Grey Flannel. Both of these monstrosities are the most intrusive, old lady, note: OLD LADY nukes to come down the pike. I mean fuck!

As a foreword. I’m going to bash the shit out’a this, if you haven’t grasped that yet...

This icky, wicked, nuclear, depressing satanic concoction from the deepest pits of hell has been a nemesis in my life for a very, very long time. In my perfume journey over the course of 30 years, this odor, this smell, seriously disturbs me. It’s incredibly negative and the annoying sillage is GINORMOUS. Suffocating, debilitating even. I’m instantly in a pissy mood if I come across this (happens about 3 fold as coming across Bleu de Chanel). Probably because this is readily available at Wal-Mart but more so for the fact that every woman that wears this feels the need to douse themselves immensely.

Horrendous. Pisses me the fuck off coming across it. The only smell that does that to me. I hate it with my every fiber. It’s a disgustingly potent, (mind you POTENT) overpowering musk bomb that reeks to high Heaven of someone covering up 4 days worth of unshowerd ass and pit stank, I kid you not. Not even exaggerating. White Diamonds is the ‘most’ incredibly pongy musk bomb smothered in purple lilac and purple flowers that it makes me feel sick. I’ve smelled thousands of perfumes, thousands. Every time I come across this which is quite a bit surprisingly which always seems to be at the grocery store, it’s a mile of sillage that sucks the air directly out of my lungs. From one of the isle to the other. Really? 60 feet of sillage? No joke. Fuck, I hate this!

Once on my job, a much older woman (naturally) was wearing this in the parfum version. The booth she was sitting in emanated White Diamonds for the rest of the evening well after her physical body had departed the restaurant... oh but this, this ‘White Diamonds’ epoxy shit stuck around. Ick.

It is literally the epitome of why old lady perfumes started being named OLD LADY PERFUMES! This is because every woman that wears this fuckin’ monstrosity feels the need to bathe in it. STOP ALREADY! For real, this perfume reeks. It’s nauseating and nauseatingly strong. Taylor was a shitty actress with terrible taste in perfume.

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