White Diamonds (Eau de Toilette) by Elizabeth Taylor
Lily Gone Wrong
For me, this is another example of lily gone wrong. First sniff was just putrid. It dried down a tad better, but not much. I had the same reaction to Jovoy's Lys Epona and another scent with lily I can't recall right now, or was it iris? To me, putting the two of them together is utter folly, unless done by a true master. Adding aldehydes? Good grief. I'm surprised my poor nose didn't end up in the emergency room! Fortunately, D&G's Intense for women came in the same package so immediate first aid was available. Many obviously don't have this reaction, but if you're at all sensitive to either lily, iris, or aldehydes beware!

3/11/15 -- It was warm here last year when I first tried White Diamonds. I tried it again this week. The weather's cold. Amazing result. Narcissus, which I found caused the putridity, blends with the rest of the notes now and the result is a luxurious perfume! Here's a forum discussion about it: http://www.parfumo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=31339#31339.