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Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) once said, "I think perfume is more than just an accessory for a woman. It's part of her aura. I even wear it when I'm alone."

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first divas to launch her own line of perfumes. Taylor commissioned the house of Elizabeth Arden to do so. However, Elizabeth Taylor did not just give her name. She had precise ideas about how her fragrances should smell. The first fragrance, which came out in 1987, was "Passion", a fruity-animalic chypre.

But "White Diamonds" (a fruity-floral chypre) made its greatest triumphant march around the world in 1991, reaching $61,300,000 in global sales in 2010 alone. "White Diamonds" has remained the most popular celebrity fragrance worldwide for 20 years.

A typical example of how much Elizabeth Taylor brought her own ideas to the creation of a fragrance is "Gardenia." Gardenias were the actress' favorite flowers and she had several gardenia borders on her property. According to her ideas, a very concise and authentic gardenia perfume was created.

Elizabeth Taylor's fragrances all have their own style, which is also expressed in the flankers of "White Diamonds". Most of them are floral or fruity chypres. None of the Taylor perfumes are very sweet or oriental.

Liz Taylor donated a large portion of the proceeds from her fragrances to charity. She was very involved in the fight against AIDS and ran her own foundation. Since the early 80s, she has been involved in AIDS awareness work. Later, a large part of the proceeds from her fragrances went there.
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