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Nirvana Black (Eau de Parfum) by Elizabeth and James
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Nirvana Black (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Elizabeth and James for women and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-powdery. It is being marketed by Butterfly Beauty.

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Pierre Negrin

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Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla



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129 Reviews
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
The store that I work at sells a good amount of perfume and cologne at discounted prices. During the holiday rush, we get an influx of stock due to increased demand during that busy shopping period. I noticed some perfume on the shelf that I'd never heard of before, Elizabeth and James.
I went about my daily rountine during my shifts and just ignored their existance. We had two, 50 ml. bottles, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. The later had eventually sold but other sat there on the shelf day after day. I admit that the "violet, sandalwood, vanilla" description on the box intrigued me, especially the vanilla because I love it so. However, in the past I haven't had much luck finding a pleasing fragrance that is heavy on the vanilla.
I decided to research this enigma and discovered that this was actually a celebrity perfume by the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. In my mind, I wrote it off but as I started to read different reviews, my interest was peaked.
This lone bottle never did sell and was marked down on clearance. So for 44 dollars plus my 10 percent off, I decided to give it a go so I bit the bullet and did a blind buy (even though I was nervous!) I've been burnt on blind buys many times in the past! (Havent we all?!)
The following day I showered, spritzed it on, got dressed and left for work.
At first I panicked because I was indifferent about the initial violet note (a little sharp) but it fades quickly and leaves behind a soft sandalwood/vanilla scent that I found myself really enjoying as the day unfolded. Low and behold, I was impressed!
This perfume is nothing like your typical celebrity scent offering. I find it to be a step-up. If I hadn't have known before smelling it that it was a celebrity fragrance, I wouldn't have believed it. It smells "expensive" and the bottle itself is modern and streamlined, making it lovely and classy looking.
Most vanilla scents I've tried have been suffucating and choking but this is quieter and more understated. Unfortunately, I find that it sits extremely close to the skin and doesn't project very well. It's lasting power is also below average. I, however, don't care because I enjoy wearing it anyway, even if it's just for my own pleasure. A vanilla scent that I can finally call successful on my skin.
Overall, it puts me in mind of some other scents I've tried over the years. "Boyfriend" (Kate Walsh), "Success is a Job in New York" (Bond No. 9), "Addict" (Dior), "Ambre" (L'Occitane) and "Organza Indecence" (Givenchy.) By no means am I saying that these perfumes smell like Nirvana Black but something about wearing them puts me in the same mind set.
If only it lasted and projected more. It would be near perfection for me. I am still going to wear it, regardless and will enjoy the intimacy of it.
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Fragrance with price limit
Today I scurried through the city, because it was pouring out of buckets - next to me my watered poodle.
I looked a lot like him.

I was on a fragrance mission, because Base wanted a fragrance for 40 Euros.

That was a concrete announcement, and I looked around the English department store.

From the colourful boxes, a special black kartchen set in gold stood out.
His appearance appeared noble, serious and elegant.

And the price was exactly what I asked.
But I had never heard of Elisabeth and James.
Aha - made in USA.

But the title Nirvana also sounds attractive - sometimes you wish you were going exactly there.

The right price and the attractive sight were enough as a purchase argument.

Oh I release an elegant black - golden bottle from the packaging.
Very valuable.

And the fragrance also speaks of value and elegance - but without austerity.
The violet appears delicately bitter and slightly powdery - but nestles softly, due to creamy sandal.
Sweet vanilla is added and gives Nirvana depth.

Black is not the scent - rather golden - like the setting sun.

One notices that the fragrance is regularly much more expensive - because its exclusivity moves it far away from the mainstream - without appearing affected.
No, he catches me - and catches me - with a certain caution.

A fine, considerate companion who is present but not intrusive.
It conveys closeness - and also remains very close.

I think I've found something special, and Nirvana will go down well with the client.
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213 Reviews
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Not My Idea Of Bliss and Delight
I recently tested Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. No, no, not for me. Not either of them. Let me explain.
Nirvana Black comes across as pure pepper. Very strong pepper hit me immediately and stayed throughout the life of this perfume. It never diminished. A wash of sandalwood envelops the peppery sense as if it's framing it solidly. Here's the problem. The sandalwood smells synthetic. It's not woody. It's not natural. It doesn't bring any pleasant images. On top of that, the pepper stings. It bites.
As two lonely prominent notes, they're headache inducing. Unfortunately, in Nirvana Black, they were the only two notes that surfaced.
It was suggested to me to at Sephora to layer Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. I did. I tried the suggestion. Now, bear in mind the cost of this suggestion. Even at the cost of the rollerballs which are $22 apiece, that would be layering $44 worth of perfume, ?just to make Nirvana Black better.
Frankly, it only made it worse. Nirvana Black is far stronger and overpowers Nirvana White, which is an in your face blast of a floral. Peony is the main note and it hits you full frontal in White. As in Black, White has the power to smell synthetic.
So what did Nirvana Black really remind me of? Walking down the laminate plastic aisle at Home Depot. That's my mental image when I smell my hand, my wrist, and where I sprayed this perfume. These are not people-pleasers. At least not to me.
On the up side, they lasted for five hours, that's at least the point that I decided to wash them off. So longevity is wonderful. After the initial blast, which is rather strong, they do sit close to the skin. Nirvana Black seems more suitable for shopping in the winter-time in any home-remodeling store and Nirvana White just comes across more as a floral room spray.
Both are listed as unisex fragrances, but they didn't seem masculine nor feminine to me. Probably because of the more synthetic feel to them, I couldn't nor I wouldn't classify them as either type of fragrance.
These two perfumes are encased in a rather chic container, stylish and sleek. Actually visually pleasing and different. It's the one aspect of the perfume I did like.
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