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Bee by Ellis
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Bee is a popular perfume by Ellis for women and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 06.02.2023.
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a hot, honeyed cup of rooibos tea
I am having an interesting moment with Bee from Ellis Brooklyn. Which is to say I don’t hate it. I almost even like it? This is strange because typically gourmand scents aren’t my thing. I want to smell like a mossy bog witch or bioluminescent flora on an alien planet, or mottled parchment poetry penned by a lovelorn bookbinder. And honey is such a weird note, with its aromas both attractive and repellent, that ambrosial golden syrupy floral note that eventually devolves to the pungence of a filthy feral flower urinal in the height of August. Bee is not a super realistic honey, which is fine with me, I don’t want realism in my perfume anyway. It’s a floofy, poofy vanilla and sandalwood marshmallow dusted liberally with dehydrated buckwheat honey and clover pollen and layered with this dark, balsamic rich woody rumminess that’s not quite rum and at all, and it took me a few days but I worked it out. At its heart, Bee conjured the sweet, full-bodied warmth and vaguely fruity tobacco notes of a hot cup of rooibos tea. I don’t often want to smell like this, and I don’t even like rooibos tea, so isn’t the sort of thing I could wear every day... but I think I can appreciate that it’s a really lovely offering that gives you something a little different than what you might expect from it.
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Milk and toast and honey....
To bring a little lovin' honey
To take away the hurt inside
Is everything that matters to me
Is everything I want in life
This is virtually THE song by Roxette, which permanently haunts my head when wearing the fragrance.
Bee is for me the olfactory embodiment of creamy canola blossom honey, which mixes with the butter when spread on warm toast...for me a beautiful feel-good scent, which with its soft, warm gourmand note, makes every day a good day.
Bee starts with the honey-on-warm-toast-with-butter note that instantly puts me in a relaxed "hachistdasschön" mood. After 10 minutes, some spice is added by cinnamon and sandalwood, all very soft and fluffy-sweet. After 3 hours, the honey note settles and it remains a warm-sweet sandalwood vanilla scent, which only slightly hints at the honey toast.
The fragrance remains a total of up to 8 hours well present, on clothes always remains a touch until washing. The silage is nicely present without being intrusive, for such a sweet fragrance.
I think the scent is made more for females, and for me this scent would even be wearable year round, as the honey is not so squeaky sweet due to the sandalwood and cereal undertones.
I confess to being an absolute honey lover in fragrances. Also sweetness and density lie me very much, and thus this new fragrance is already a small dream for me. Especially because it represents for me a honey scent as wearable all year round. Furthermore, this fragrance is already something fancy, and you will not get him everywhere to smell, or already have umpteen similar in his collection.

Conclusion: A very nice new discovery for me, of which I will get me pretty sure the big bottle.
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