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New York Man by En Voyage Perfumes
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8.0 / 105 Ratings
New York Man is a perfume by En Voyage Perfumes for men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Michael, last update on 30.04.2021.
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Contradictory NY Man
The only word i can think about to sum up this perfume is the contradictory word. While most of Shelley fragrances already get me at the first moment, this was one that i didn't know what to think, where to fit. Is it a clean or animalic perfume? A commonplace or a different one? A more mainstream thing or more artisanal? The question here for me is that it's always the two things at the same time, never fully integrated but never fully separated either. Maybe this is the result of the project, a fragrance made to reflect 3 sides of a project to celebrate 3 years of the facebook community Peace Love Perfume at the same time it tries to reflect all the nuances of a NY Man.

Without looking the notes, New York Man made me think at first in sandalwood, musk, cardamom and alcoholic aromas. Exactly this combination of creamy spices and boozy aromas is what makes me think of something more mainstream, since it's a theme being frequently explored at this sector of masculine creations lately. And then, altough i don't see any spices listed on the fragrance notes, there is something spicy on it and this first impression i would relate to the Perfume/Cologne Notes of the project.

And it's exacty in this first moment that the first contradiction came to me. Suddenly, there is another element in evidence and one that makes me think in an odd aroma, something that i would expect in a more conceptual thing. I see it, in a distorted form, a very urban aroma, something that reminds me of a metallic aroma, spray paint;The curious is that it seems to come from inside the boozy spicy aroma, as if it evaporated with it. Also in this moment, the second contradiction is that what was clean and mainstream suddenly start to develope discreet animalic nuances, a mixture that seems to be of earthy, musky, woody aromas. At this point, New York Man wins some points with me for presenting a moderate oud use, that doesn't make it common, and also for having a very abstract floral nuance mixed into the animalic and controversial part. This is the Love side of the creation for me.

Finally, the last side i see is the Peace one, when after 2-3 hours the fragrance calms don on skin At this moment, i thought it had already gone and got disappointed, but as the temperature of the environment where i was started to warm up i noticed that this part from it seemed very natural, so very discreet and soft, a peaceful musk, a discreet woody and something slightly salty. Altough very pleasant, i just wished it was more intense on me.

Certainly New York Man seems to reach in a successful way the proposed concept, but the contradictions of man suggested in the NY man doesn't seem to marry very well with what makes me happy. Anyway, it's an interesting fragrance to notice changing, even more so due the surprise points it has during its journey.

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