Tagetes Homme (2012)

Tagetes Homme by En Voyage Perfumes
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Tagetes Homme is a perfume by En Voyage Perfumes for men and was released in 2012. The scent is fruity-woody. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPot marigold, Violet leaf, Sage
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Woody notes, Cedar, Patchouli
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Myrrh, Frankincense, Spanish labdanum
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190 Reviews
Masculine Flower
It's not true the cultural notion that we have that flowers represent the feminine unniverse instead of the masculine one. Maybe the most known and explored ones are indeed related this way but the flower universe is rich and has examples, like geranium for instance, that fit perfectly in compositions towards the masculine public. One that seems to be very little commercially explored and that surprised me was the Tagetes flowers, the theme here in this composition of artisanal brand En Voyage. If you make the analysis of the aromachemical contents in this flower, you see very clearly things with green, aromatic and woody characteristics, offering great possibilities of being explored in the masculine unniverse the way it is explored.

I confess that this was a flower that i barely know, so i did a little bit of research and was surprised with its rich symbology.Besides having proven antiseptic properties, the Tagetes is known for its strong and outstanding aroma and also for being a flower of Mexican origin, one from where the name in portuguese come: cravo de defunto (in a loosely translation, dead's carnation ). Used in the mexican Festa de Los Muertos, it receives its name because the Mexican ancestors, the Aztecs, belived that the Tagetes petals, usually yellow, could be able to keep the sun energy. So, they were used to store good energy to the loved ones that have already gone. Even the name used in english and, from what i understood, internationally has a mythologic origin, realted to a deity known as Tages or Tagetes who, as the legend says, would have shown itself to a peasant that dug a very deep whole, sacred him, attracted the attention of the whole village and teached them about the profecy talents.

The flowers origins and the aromatic profile matches very well the scent profile explored here: tagetes homme have a kind of sunny and sober aura, a sunny one of an ambar tone and with a green touch, something that reminds me the sunset in an autumn day. I think it's interesting that its aura at first reminds me the imortelle smell, having the same dry and woody aroma, but here lacking the burnt sugar imortelle part that sometimes is tiresome. The green and woody profile of the Tagtes flower is supported by another note of a very unniversal masculine profile, the green aroma of violet leaves that here is very pleasant and doesn't have the typical plastic touch. The sage seems to give it an herbal, spicy and dry touch to me, that also marry very well the flower. At the backgroung, an exquisite and hard to tell apart blend of ambery basem with a little of a vintage touch, a sober aroma of hot resins, woods, incense, patchouli and cedar nuances.

I confess that at first Tagetes Homme, even exploring typical masculine structures, doesn't have an unniversal appeal; just like the wisdom and the profecy gift, it seems to demand some contemplation time to be truly understood. Maybe it's why this beautiful flower is not so explored in commertial perfumery, that many times behave exactly in the opposite way,voracious for aromas that are easy to please, even that this sacrifices beauties more uniques and rich in symbology.

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