Kingston Osmanthus by Eric Buterbaugh Florals

Kingston Osmanthus 2016

29.07.2021 - 11:09 AM

olfactory bliss

If you are a fan of osmanthus in it's purest form, this is a must try. I have discovered the entire EB collection in Paris and later in NYC and ever since I could not stop loving it. One thing for sure the entire line is done impeccably with the touch of elegance long lost in latest designer fragrance releases. Funny enough I see it happening in the niche world lately as well, 99% of things revolve around all the same notes released by all same houses year after year, being picked up by others calling it "insipred" scents..... That shift is not touching my soul by one bit. I am sad to day that several brands are stepping towards mediocrity and "selling to the public on high demand " something that has been done better and they get away with that. But not EB, he has always taken care of the wow factor and making things unique, even if it is not always a successful wow. Working together with A. Morillas for several of his releases, Kingston osmanthus has made my knees weak when I initially encountered it years back. I left with a bottle back then and finished it and have repurchased karafe this year because it is one of those fragrances I can't imagine my collection without.

This is an ode to osmanthus in it's cleanest unaltered existence. Osmanthus is fresh, like it is blossoming off a tree. If you are familiar with Ormonde Jayne elixir osmanthus, imagine it being gender inert and mixed with drops of by Kilian GGGB minus the cotton candy part. Fun fact, both GGGB and Kingston Osmanthus are made by the same nose, yet EB carries a more refined floral heart. Absolute love for me and holy grail amongst all of the osmanthus centered fragranced specimens in my collection.

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