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Scorpio Rising by Eris
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8.4 / 1017 Ratings
Scorpio Rising is a new perfume by Eris for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average.
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Antoine Lie

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Pink pepperPink pepper Black pepperBlack pepper CloveClove Cinnamon absoluteCinnamon absolute Indian cardamomIndian cardamom ImmortelleImmortelle Somalian frankincenseSomalian frankincense NagarmothaNagarmotha Atlas cedarAtlas cedar Gaiac woodGaiac wood SaffronSaffron SandalwoodSandalwood AmbroxanAmbroxan CashmeranCashmeran Haitian vetiverHaitian vetiver LeatherLeather



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218 Reviews
Which Scorpio are you and why am I so obsessed with you?
Scorpio Rising from Eris Perfumes begins as a cool, citrusy pink pepper with rosy nuances, an artful enigma of a spice, more zingy herbal aromatic than the sting and pungent bite than you might expect. This is one of the more restrained Scorpios I’ve known, and while I don’t mean to generalize I can say that in my experience, there are two types of Scorpios: the one that is Very A Lot, they don’t hold back, you always know what they are thinking and they practically flay themselves open for you. They want you to have all of them, even and especially the ugly and scary bits. They wear their shadow side on their sleeve and their shadows aren’t very subtle, either. The other kind of Scorpio is not exactly secretive, silent-type, but their shadows are shrewd and sharp and you might not get to see them right away, but you always recognize they are there and you are inexplicably drawn to them like a moth to flame. While I am absolutely obsessed with pretty much all Scorpios, I think Eris’ Scorpio Rising falls more into the latter category and I wouldn’t automatically mark it as a bombastically passionate although I would say it has a quiet intensity that sort of sneaks up on you. After the cool, dry floral, and discreet fruitiness of the opening, there emerges delicate smoke and soft leather, woody-floral cardamom, and immortelle’s elusive burnt sugar musk. This is the Scorpio you follow down shadowy corridors in a dream, following their lingering trail of scent, and when you’ve reached the dead-end abyss, the void at the end of the trail, you find they were behind you all along. This is the Scorpio that takes your hand as you jump into the darkness of the unknown.
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21 Reviews
Warm & Velvety Spice blend!
To me it's smoke, it's fire, it's warm and cozy. Scorpio Rising is everything and more. It's a stunning blend of spices. I get a mouthwatering blend of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves all wrapped around incense notes in the background. Dry down is nothing less amazing. I get leathery aspects along with a lot of woody ambery notes. ⁣

It's like a warm pashmina scarf that wraps you around in a magical spell. The last time a spicy fragrance blew my mind was when I first smelled Spicebomb many years ago. ⁣

Overall, if you love spicy fragrances, Scorpio Rising will just satisfy all your olfactive senses. It's the elegance that you know from Antonie's creations for Les Indémodables Parfums, Maison Trudon and the list goes on. Scorpio Rising is hands-down my fav. fragrance from the lineup and I would definitely recommend you to sample this beauty.⁣
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