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Miami Blossom by Escada
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Miami Blossom is a new and limited perfume by Escada for women and was released in 2019. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is being marketed by Coty. Limited Edition
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Caroline Sabas

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesWatermelon, Orange, Blueberry
Heart Notes Heart NotesPineapple, Tiaré, Jasmine, Tuberose, Spritz Veneziano
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Musk, Ambroxan



7.0 (36 Ratings)


6.9 (28 Ratings)


6.3 (30 Ratings)


6.9 (36 Ratings)
Submitted by Aolani, last update on 15.07.2020.
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Very helpful Review    11  
A fragrance for all women, even for those who will stay 29 years old forever! :D
Hello and welcome to, well, again a new comment from me :)
Today I would like to talk about one of the light and relaxed Escade fragrances, which are always good for a surprise and often give off a nice little summer scent.

This time it's one of the newest fragrances, the "Miami Blossom", where some of you will now certainly groan as the weather is wet and cold, cats outside come back soaking wet in the weather and smell of a wet dog, and you ladies are more sun worshippers than anyone else who surely yearn for summer back. Hmm... I won't talk forever about why I prefer autumn and winter more (Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), you know why...

Well, Miami Blossom it is. When I look at the packaging and the sample pack, I see of course the great drawing style, which I like very much and reminds me of the video game GTA Vice City, which is playing in Miami, ... but you will certainly not be interested *sigh* What else you see, are beautifully drawn ladies with great summery dresses, long (and apparently flawless) legs and generally great figures... well, it could also be that I notice these details more than you ladies maybe... hmm...
No, man, don't think I'm a pig *sigh*... you just thought that, didn't you?

But all right, let's get to the scent.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with beautiful and light, sweet and fruity notes. The fruity notes smell of exotic fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, but also of general berries. The sweet scents must come from jasmine. Everything smells so great and... the whole mix reminds me a bit of the delicious Haribo Tropifrutti!
So, what else should be in it, check the list... um... what on earth is a shot? That sounds really pigish, but... after a short research Spritz is nothing else than white wine with mineral water and some fusel in it... strange that I didn't know that... and the name apparently derives from the "Gespritzten",... aaaargh, that's getting better and better, and it means that I have piggy thoughts here... argh! All right, don't get excited. Let's move on to the fragrance D
The fragrance doesn't come across to me alcoholic, by the way, but tingling could work to some extent. It remains fruity and sweetish, so the floral notes seem to take some time.
Only after a good while do the first flowery fragrances come through, but I can't say what I smell here. It simply smells like flowers, which you know from many summer scents, and which also sometimes shine through more strongly and can even come across slightly stuffy, but only lightly and also briefly. In any case, it also remains the most fruity-sweet in the end, although the sweetness then comes more and more from the musk.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is mediocre to slightly weak. I think a short while after application the scent will probably not be as good to smell on one unless you get a little closer. I found the shelf life quite okay with six to eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle has a slightly inflated shape like most Escadas and comes with a beautiful colour gradient that runs from yellow to pink. On the front you can see the name of the fragrance with nice flower symbols and a pineapple. The lid is high and chrome-plated and bears the brand name. It's a nice bottle, I think.

So folks, that was the latest Escada summer scent. With scents like this, I'm pretty sure not everyone's gonna like it. Be it the synthetic aftertaste, which in my opinion doesn't bother me at all and is also less noticeable, or be it the girlie-like aura, where some might think that the fragrance is more for 16 year olds...

But then there are those of you who like such delicious fruity-sweet scents. Because they smell of good humour, are light and loose and could be used quietly in one summer or another, if you are looking for something harmless but nice. Besides, you could feel like 16-20 year olds again, so much younger and crunchier and... uh... I didn't mean to say that with your average uh... uh... 45-60 years (?????) wouldn't be hot too (why do you think there are so many "mature women" categories on dirty sites otherwise... uhhhh, forget what I just said!!!!!!)... wait,... I meant,... with your average of almost 30 years... yes yes, I know, you're all 29, time has stopped and you'll always stay 29 years, right? Phew,... so again got the hang of it, he he :DD

Aaaalso, even if you're not a teenager anymore and have already exceeded 28 years (probably only recently!), you can also test this fragrance. As I said it just smells nice of summer, freshness, warm weather, swimming, having fun in short summer dresses (and again that sounds kind of ambiguous,... at least if I write that *sigh*), oh you know what I mean. I would really recommend that you remember Miami Blossom for next summer!

Well then, I hope I didn't annoy you ladies too much (somebody once wrote me that I could be lynched by you here soon, or I think several have already written that to me...!!) and wish you all a nice evening. See you next time :)
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