Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules

Escentric 01 2006

22.02.2022 - 07:17 AM


I wore Molecule 02 and i wasn't too happy about it. It worked only when humidity is high, when was raining , and i got myself a headache trying to figure out where it's gone for an hour or two. So happy i only had a decant. This one also have in a form of decant, but it is much more like a real perfume, because it has another notes exept abstract one, Iso E Super. I like it' s citrusy and woodsy vibe, very fresh and androginus, very calming and non offensive, still interesting and challenging. It it like a cameleon that works with individual skin chemistry. It is different on me every time. It depend on my hormones, bodylotion i'wearing, even my mood, it "catch" all of those environemental elements plus individual skin uniqueness and than works completely different every time. I want a full bottle!
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