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Interesting Facts

The brand, "Escentric Molecules" is a curiosity in the world of perfumery because its fragrances are largely based on a non-natural molecule. This aroma molecule was artificially created in the laboratory in 1973 and was given the name "ISO E SUPER".

Perfumer Geza Schoen had already been tinkering with irresistible aromas for a long time and was immediately fascinated by ISO E SUPER. In his laboratory in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Geza Schoen researched all the chemical and physical properties of the "eccentric molecule". In combination with different classic aromas, perfumes, shower gels, gift, and tasting sets were created in Berlin, all of which contain at least 60 percent of the "ISO E SUPER" molecule.

According to Geza Schoen, the target group for the fragrance with the "miracle molecule" tended to be artists, non-conformists, and outsiders. "Escentric Molecules," however, made a steep jump in popularity and acceptance immediately after its launch in 2006. That is why the first perfume was followed by other fragrances such as "Escentric 01" (wood, lime), "Escentric 02" (jasmine, gin-tonic), and "Escentric 03" (lime, musk, grapefruit). In total, the series includes five different fragrances (Escentric 01-05 and Molecule 01-05, respectively).

Available are all fragrances of "Escentric Molecules'' in simple flacons with a basic square shape. However, all bottles have different decorations, whose appearance ranges from playful to technical to pop art. The molecule-based fragrances are available in the official online store and high-quality cosmetics stores.
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