Divine Vanille by Essential Parfums

Divine Vanille 2019

09.10.2021 - 01:04 AM
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Excellent Warm Vanilla Gourmand

Sweet vanilla and osmanthus, which adds a floral touch with peachy undertones. The faintest dusting of spices give it a slightly dry, powdery feel. The spices and lurking tonka bean give a sort of tobacco-like accord, making this similar to a tobacco-vanilla fragrance with the balance heavily toward vanilla. Somewhat reminds me of JTC 400 with the way it accents its primary accord (vanilla here, honey + tobacco in 400) with floral and fruity accords. Like 75% vanilla, 10% spicy, 10% floral, 5% fruity. Moderate initial projection quickly softens to an intimate scent bubble over 2-3hr total. Longevity 5-6hr.

Excellent, authentic vanilla gourmand. The cinnamon really sells it as something to get warm + cozy with. Performance isn't great but it's surprisingly cheap for a niche fragrance -- at only $75/100mL (as of posting date) it's cheaper than some higher-end designers, like Dior Addict or Armani Code Absolu -- and purchases support a great company that makes heavy use of sustainable naturals and packaging.

A lot of people compare this to PdM Herod and Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille but I don't think it's that similar to either. Herod comes across as very tobacco-forward to my nose, while SDV has a prominent boozy accord and lacks the cinnamon. This is its own scent.

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