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Interesting Facts

This company, just like Chanel, has the rare case of the founding person being a woman. She too, through discipline, intelligence and willpower, created an enormous company from nothing.

Thus, in the middle of the last century, after her foundation, a company grew up that set high standards for its competitors. Estée Lauder is still family-owned. The company from the USA sees its strength in its ability to innovate and the intensive research of ever new manufacturing processes for the benefit of the customer. For the elegance and glamorous effect of the products of Estée Lauder the company enjoys a worldwide high reputation.

Estée Lauder is considered to be the inventor of free bubbles. She was a first-class saleswoman and knew excellently how to bring her products, which were initially still lovingly made at home, to the customers. The company portfolio also includes fragrances. Among the most popular are "Youth Dew", "White Linen" and "Pleasures".
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