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Beautiful Belle by Estēe Lauder
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Beautiful Belle is a perfume by Estēe Lauder for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-synthetic. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLychee, Rose, Mimosa
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossom, Gardenia, Tuberose
Base Notes Base NotesOrris root, Suede, Marzipan, Ambrox



5.3 (15 Ratings)


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7.0 (25 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is model Grace Elizabeth.
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Helpful Review    1  
I think it's quite Beautiful
For a long time I thought about buying Beautiful Belle (BB), the reviews did not give a good idea. But as a fan of Estee Lauder (EL) and especially of Beautiful I overcame my doubts and ordered a 50ml bottle for a quite reasonable price. And I was not disappointed! This scent is wonderful, but one thing at a time...

First the flacon, very similar to the classic of EL, but the lid is a little different, the diffuser is mega, very fine mist, so no soaking wet skin, I like that very much!
The fragrance itself is like a fine veil around you all the time, so it's not a fragrance bomb, but after a short time the sillage is quite close, a small flaw which also protects against overdosing
At the beginning I notice a tart, slightly obscure freshness that becomes flowery and slightly powdery relatively quickly, the marzipan whizzes by me and then (fortunately) remains (fortunately) wherever it disappears or no longer appears. In the further process the flowers are added, after approx. 2 hours a kind of soft woodiness (the suede?) is added which spreads more and more. In the first test the floral-creamy note was left behind in addition to this woodiness, today in the second test a slightly fruity-harsh note over suede; here BB reminds me of a well-known scent that I can't even think of.
Why BB smells once in such a way and once in such a way with me seems to be hormonally caused, I have there some smells which also behave so diversely. I am curious how it develops in warmer and especially humid temperatures. Yesterday and today it was about 15 degrees and dry, I could imagine that it gets a bit scratchier in cooler temperatures
So I am enthusiastic about this fragrance and can't understand the evaluations but everyone perceives fragrances differently and they unfold differently with each person. Surely the Ambroxan may also not arouse the enthusiasm of many people, normally I have my problems with it, but not here.

BB is a classically simple fragrance that is sure to accompany the modern bride, but also goes well with a costume, leather pants or tattered jeans, actually with everything. I don't think the campaign really fits to it, but when I saw the clip for the first time I had a completely different idea of the scent.

It's a pity that BB is not available here in the shops, I at least could only find him online and not everywhere. All those who are looking for a fine, classic, unsweet scent should give BB a chance.

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Top Review    17  
BB. Any flower
In 1985, Estee Lauder launched her flowery, radiant perfume "Beautiful", marketed at the time as "wedding fragrance".
A masterpiece that fulfilled exactly the condition that the great perfumer Guy Robert considered fundamental: "Un parfum doit sentir bon".

In 2018, Lauder's new fragrance "Beautiful Belle" apparently attempted to build on the great model from the year 85.
"Beautiful Belle" (I will only call the fragrance BB in the further course of this little miss) is neither "belle" nor "beautiful".
There was no ingenious Sophia Grosjman at work here, but it must have been some fragrance technicians who worked their way through the specifications of the marketing department.

So I imagine their considerations /
Brainstorming session forward:

"La vie est belle" is a mega seller
stop - good people, we can also use French, so why not use "Belle" for the name?
It might ring a bell with our costumers...
Bride and flowers, always a favourite - we activate the positive associations that the classic "Beautiful" triggers with customers aged 50+!

- we work with the focus on "modern reinterpretation"!

What does the chemistry kit offer us in this context?

-We will not construct a chypre, because this genre does not appeal to younger consumers...

(and oakmoss has been "out" for a long time anyway.)

- artificial fruit aromas in the top note draw well... always!!!!

-Lychee! Splash!

-Then tuberose, orange blossom, now standard.

-Is there any sweetness left as well?

(- Too gourmet - annoying or burdensome it should not become, because that does not fit to a "bridal scent".)

Technician-chemist 2 suggests "marzipan - musk".
(It smells more like fabric softener than real marzipan, but the suppliers of the aroma chemicals sell this molecule very well at the moment)

Ambroxan big time!
Needed of course for the fixation...
----Yeah, almost perfect, we're getting there...
However, Aerin Lauder, who will be performing the new work, is still missing something.

"The bride of 1885 wasn't as cool as the model who's supposed to be in advertising in 2018."

Does the fragrance still need a little "edgy touch"?

-Suede. Suede leather, the little contrast to the flower program, okay, let's treat ourselves... quite daring, aren't you?

"But please not too much. "

The result is a mainstream, completely unspectacular daily fragrance with a frightening overdose of Ambroxan and a huge disappointing porential.

Estee Lauder!
For me, this used to be a brand whose fragrances represented milestones in perfume history.
Youth Dew! Alliage! White Linen!
You name it...

But in 2018? BB. Beh, Beh.
Meh, Meh.

(On Fragrantica a clairvoyant user from the USA wrote: "Will flop, will definitely end up with Tkmaxx."
She was right. It's already arrived there. Went fast. 32€ currently in Cologne).
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