Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss (2016)

Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss by Estēe Lauder
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Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss is a popular perfume by Estēe Lauder for women and was released in 2016. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Mandarin, Black cherry, Rosa centifolia, Pink pepper, Carrot seed, Vinyl accord, Jasmine absolute, Styrax, Labdanum, Saffron, Patchouli, Vanilla



7.7 (29 Ratings)


7.8 (25 Ratings)


7.3 (26 Ratings)


7.7 (40 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is American model Kendall Jenner.
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The little sister of Lost Cherry
I spray... what's coming? Cherry cherry - not Lady but Girly. A slightly weaker cherry appears, enmeshed in vanilla and slightly woody notes. It is very pleasing, pleasantly restrained, discreet and inconspicuous. I don't think he's staying very long, but he says goodbye quite quickly. To me he is clearly a young female member of the family of Tom Ford Lost Cherry. This fragrance will appeal to many young women and that is a good thing. The red bottle seduced me and made me believe hui there comes a very sensual one .... but it is rather the gently blossoming cherry tree. An appealing and pleasant companion at any time for women of all ages who want to scent more gently. A fruity touch with vanilla mousse in a light wooden bowl, voila please taste.
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Greatly helpful Review    16
Kojak in latex bed
Foreword: When I tested Dom Quilom and read the note "Latex" there, and I didn't smell anything that could have reminded me of latex, I thought it was another desperate attempt of a marketing department to give itself the appearance of the extraordinary (Dom Quilom doesn't need that at all)
Chapter 1: Now I tested Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss.
And why does this fragrance impress me so much, fascinate me so much? You already suspect it: I smell there a fine, interesting latex note or perhaps also silicone. And I wonder how it can be that I associate this smell with latex or silicone, although I don't think silicone smells like anything at all (unless you press it directly from the tube into a joint, but then it smells like solvent and I don't mean that); and latex I know smells like almost nothing.
Yeah, almost. That's what makes the difference. There is a very fine latex smell, dense but not stuffy; artificial but not unpleasant. Strange, but kind of good. There's vinyl chord in the pyramid. I think that means what I smell, maybe carrot seeds also play into it, but I don't perceive them directly. And after I've read the term vinyl chord, with a lot of good will I can also sense the strange smell in a memory flashlight, which occurs when you pull a new record out of the cover.

Chapter 2: I have anticipated. Modern Muse La Rouge Gloss starts without latex, it starts with sweet, intense artificial cherry. As several others have written here, it is precisely the smell of the little cherry lollipops that Kojak always sucked from the TV series after giving up smoking. But at first Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss reminds me of La Petite Robe Noire. Compared to the Guerlain, I find the cherry in the Lauder somewhat more authentic, because I recognize it as such. I am also reminded of Black Perfecto, where I feel the lauder more discreet, no less intense, but softer, lighter, friendlier and yet also more unusual. The sweetness decreases slightly in the course, while the cherry remains and becomes a little more powdery.

Conclusion: Modern Muse La Rouge Gloss creates an impressive balancing act between familiar and alienating, between flowery-fruity and artificial fabrics, between convention and avant-garde.
In order to perceive the special, one must concentrate and smell exactly. But in everyday life, where most people perceive perfume only superficially and in passing, it seems friendly, cheerful and reserved and thus becomes an evergreen.

This fragrance creates a wonderful balance: it is comparatively light without being a cologne; it is sweet and fruity, but no gourmand; it floats without being tender; I find it elegant, but it is nevertheless neither cool nor ladylike; it gives me the impression of the noble, unobtrusive. And at the same time he has these shallows: latex, patchouli, somehow a touch of coffee - a whole treasure of fine facets can fascinate me again and again.

For me it's almost perfect: I can wear this fragrance wonderfully at work without worrying and at the same time it entertains me all day long. Well, not the whole day, the shelf life is not bad, but after about 5-6 hours it will wear off and there will be only a slight hint of vanilla and a little bit of powder cherry on latex bed.

Afterword: Don Quilom can take this latex as an example. I thank Schokololly for the Kirschlolly filling.
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Femme Fatale Wannabe
I am usually a fan of Lauder perfumes but I found this flanker pretty disappointing. It purports to be a night-time, Francified version of the jasmine champagne fizz of Modern Muse (not my style but a respectable composition). Instead, it's a tired and overly synthetic one-trick pony -- a not-very accomplished example of the hoary tactic of adding some red notes to make your fume "hot." Maybe this will become the new scent of the junior prom -- who knows? Not for adults.

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