Wild Elixir (2011)

Wild Elixir by Estēe Lauder
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Wild Elixir is a popular limited perfume by Estēe Lauder for women and was released in 2011. The scent is floral-woody. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesFreesia, Mandarin, Tagetes, Violet leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesGardenia, Broom, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Waterlily
Base Notes Base NotesAmberwood, Orris root, Musk, Sandalwood



7.8 (14 Ratings)


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7.3 (20 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 31.12.2019.
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Flowers that prolong life?
Good evening, everyone! It's me again and I'll bring you a new commi, this will make the evening even better! :) And no man, the evening won't get any worse because I showed up now,... tsss... but you are never satisfied!!

So, why is the evening getting better? Hm, just look at the pink bottle of this fragrance, doesn't it look nice with its pink color? It's like a bright candy that melts in your mouth and tastes great! So the candy, not the bottle. But the bottle also attracts you to take it in your hand, push the spray head down and elicit its (hopefully beautiful) contents!

Unfortunately, I only have one sample of this fragrance, so I cannot hold the bottle in my hand. But at least I could try the scent, and well... it turned out pretty nice. My enthusiasm is limited, but that's only because the fragrance, despite its beautiful fragrance, just turned out to be a bit too 0815, but some others might like it better than me. Now to the description:

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins diluted floral. Well, it's a loose floral scent, which smells pleasant and despite many floral scents has no stuffy notes to show (or at least not yet). This is exactly the scent where I often write here that this scent reminds me of the scents of a florist, where all the flowers are in large containers and the water has meanwhile taken on the scent of the flowers. In the (not so strong) fragrance it is a little difficult to spot single flowers quickly. If, on the other hand, you sniff the sprayed area more concentrated, then you can see a lot. There are the freesias, which would have smelled a little stuffy if they had been stronger. Violets can be recognized by their sweet, powdery scent, but they also appear slightly diluted and their radiance, like that of freesia, is quite weak. Mandarins (okay, these are not flowers... :D) give off a light, citrus-fresh scent. Everything else is still too much mixed or too weak to really be recognized, at least by me.
Basically, the scent stays that way for a while, until the (for me) stuffy flower scents like the freesias become a little stronger. But even then the fragrance is not bad (in case you don't like stuffy scents like I normally do), because it has many more beautiful scents to offer. The sweet scents, however, become weaker and weaker despite scents such as amber, jasmine or violet, so that the scent remains mostly floral and slightly watery and becomes a little woody in the later base. All in all a good fragrance, but not very spectacular.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is already at the beginning not exactly the best, but one can still make out a small fragrance cloud, which smells nice and one can smell this from the proximity at one. But soon this cloud is getting smaller and smaller... so that you would have to get closer a little later.
The shelf life is mediocre, as the fragrance is already quite weak after four hours and I could hardly smell anything after about five to six hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and pink. With its bright pink colour it certainly stands out from most other flacons and looks quite nice in my opinion. There is no label, you can see the name of the fragrance in golden letters printed directly on the bottle. Also in gold is the neck of the bottle including the spray head. It is closed with a cuboid and transparent lid. Simple, but nice. That pink paint's a good one.

Soo... first the bad news! Finding the fragrance will be difficult, as it was limited and it is now almost ten years ago that it appeared, well, actually more like eight years ago. The good news, on the other hand, is that despite its nice fragrance, the perfume hasn't become anything so special, as it usually smells like a well-done 0815 flower fragrance, which means you won't miss anything important if you can't try it. Well, except maybe a pop-pink bottle!

Otherwise the fragrance would have been something for the summer, something loose, which you could spray every now and then during the day in your free time (but also at work), without ever doing anything wrong with it, an Immergeher (on warm days), so to speak, who smells nice as I said, even if he should not stand out from the mass of the flowery fragrances.

So, the fragrance is now called Elixir. An elixir or elixir is a brew, the content of which consists mostly of different plant extracts (with which the name of the fragrance was already well chosen!) and the healing should benefit, or even have a life-prolonging effect. But I doubt that the fragrance will prolong life!
Yeah... I knew the meaning of elixirs before I even knew what plants were... and you know why? Sure,... because I grew up with video games among other things, and as it should be for role-playing games, there were a lot of elixirs, so that you always had life energy in the fight against evil bosses like perfuma witches or something... he hey, okay, perfuma witches didn't exist,... but would be a great concept, wouldn't it? :DD

Well, I've come to the end for today and wish you a nice evening.

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