Delicious Closet Queen (2007)

Delicious Closet Queen by Etat Libre d'Orange
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Delicious Closet Queen is a perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange for men and was released in 2007. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Raspberry, Iris, Leather, Opoponax, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Violet, Vetiver, Cedar



6.8 (67 Ratings)


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6.0 (44 Ratings)
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If the toilet-woman smells better than you :-D
Yeah, I know... Closet Queen has nothing to do with a toilet lady or a
To the toilet queen.
Here in the comments the term has already been defined. However
i was very irritated at the beginning because of the name.

And I must say, the scent surprised me very much. Raspberry in
Man scents? I'd rather go back two steps, but this one has
me from the first sniff grabbed. DCQ
has a great fragrance course not.
Basically you get the pyramid already in the top note
I smell mainly raspberry, sandalwood and violet in the background
one suspects the slightly powdery iris and also the tonka bean.
I didn't think this station wagon could smell so good and sexy.
You all know that when the hand or wrist is always to the nose < br /> must wander ;-)
Here only he helps you to test himself to make your own picture.
He convinced me that a bottle had to be found.

Durability and Sillage are completely fine by the way. I like myself
no scents, where I must constantly spray, or where the Sillage is too close to the skin.

In my opinion, the ladies can also wear this fragrance from this point on.

I don't want to write more.Test's worth it!
There is sexyness in a bottle!

Thanks for reading my humble lines :-))
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6.0 6.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Arousing interest and curiosity
The first thing you can notice is a light sweetish - berry note, which surprisingly appears very clear and cooling and is due to the raspberry.

At the same time the raspberry melts with an incredibly fine, slightly powdery, very discreet flowery note of the iris to an air-lifting noble body butter.

These two notes are accompanied by a very pure and at the same time warming balsamic-sweet nuance, which gives the fragrance a certain kick and comes from Opoponax.

A little later an interest arousing angular and mirror-smooth black leather note is added, that thanks to the violet gets a deep - flowery and also curious arousing touch and in me a certain light is touched.

These two notes are enveloped by a light rosy, erotic touch and the thought spreads in me: 'A little sex would be nice now' already 'ne?

Some time later the bodybutter has moved into the background, but is still very perceptible and lets a wonderfully spicy, very slightly creamy note take precedence, which is responsible for the fact that the smell gets something passionate - greedy and comes from the sandalwood, which shows itself already at the beginning as a "hunch" and now reveals its full potential
In the last 3 hours a nice sweetish - tart and soft - woody note can be noticed, which is due to the vetiver and cedar wood.

These two notes are accompanied by a delicate, discreetly earthy note, which provides a pleasant deep aura and comes from the patchouli.

In the background a lovely - creamy shade rounds off the fragrance wonderfully and makes for a pleasant finish, where I typed on vanilla and not on tonka bean.

Delicious Closet Queen is a pleasant year-round companion for women and men of all ages who are looking for a sweet, berry, powdery, leathery, spicy, flowery, tart, woody, earthy and creamy fragrance that arouses interest and curiosity
In total the fragrance lasts 9 hours on my skin.

In the first hour, the Sillage is designed in such a way that one is clearly perceived at one arm's length, and then it oscillates for 3 hours in such a way that one is perceived very well at half an arm's length, before it is minimized in quiet steps until the fragrance ends.
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Etat Libre d'Orange has for me a few misses among it hits, fragrances that i can get the concept but wonder what they were thinking when they tied it with the chosen fragrance. Delicious Closet Queen got me thinking why a fragrance with a provocative name and idea gets such a horrible and unpleasant musky and plastic violet leaf confection. Really, are they being ironic and saying that most mens that wear this kind of average scent are closet gays? Or is this a joke in the reverse way, meaning that a closet gay wanted to be, in fact, more masculine? Either way, sounds ofensive and of bad taste. If they haven't launched that monster they call Secretions Magnifique i would pick this one as their worst scent.

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She's a beaut'
I received a sample of this wonderful fragrance from my good friend Linda a few weeks ago. ELDO scents never disappoint me and always seem to be extremely well made. The imagery that came into my head once the name of the fragrance was recited to me was of a beautiful cross dressing diva. Her makeup and perfume mixing with harsh accords of her native odor "she" was naturally born with.
She is relaxing after her big show in front of her boudoir. She removes her wig, and adjusts her genitals. Afterwards, when she is back to "normal" she leaves the gay-bar as a normal man, gets into her car and drives home. Her life isn't one of hiding, but, she is however very selective to whom she reveals her secret to.

The top:

Opening with sweet, tart raspberry the beginning of this fragrance is very feminine. Raspberry is complimented well by an earthy-sweet, slightly piney opoponax accord. This fragrance is BUILT upon contradictory/complimentary notes. Whereas the raspberry is very sweet and slightly sour, the opoponax is rather stale and dry.
The iris in the beginning is the contrasting accord, interrupting a sensual slow dance between the ingredients of before.

The middle:

After iris is done with it's spontaneous jittery behavior it begins to tone down, and allow a moist powdery violet to play. Rose bounces onto the scene, with her pink dress and red hair and begins blowing kisses to the bad boy in the room, Leather. The leather in this composition isn't the stuff of normal mens fragrances, this leather is sweet and tender. He's a mommas boy at heart, but doesn't complain when sweet innocent rose offers up her moist femininity to him. Don't be fooled, whist rose an leather dominate the middle of this fragrance, there is always a hint of violet throughout.

The base:

Starts with a slight whiff of patchouli, a unisex accord, herbal, soft, sweet and slightly masculine. While in passing you notice a well dressed man (vetiver) seemingly glaring at you, he is crisp and stern, not like the other patrons to this night club. He is a wall flower but it seems the he is the only thing keeping the place sane, glaring at the patrons who may be getting out of hand. Sandalwood and tonka beans are what wraps up this fragrance. Ending in an unmistakable masculinity, with memories of being a female.

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