Divin'Enfant by Etat Libre d'Orange

Divin'Enfant 2006

16.12.2017 - 08:07 PM
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Scent of an unfulfilled dream

Among the few of the ELDO’s that I have sampled so far, this one is a winner when it comes to the longevity and aura. A very comfortable blend of soft tobacco scent with some sweet powder and a lot of tonka - but I like it.

The opening mesmerizes me with the orange blossoms that are dipped in creamy musk nuanced with some honey. It’s a good thing for me that the sweetness does not last that long and is not overly intensive. It soon gives way to the tobacco notes, soft leather, mild rose and powder, and that’s how it continues to play far into the dry down. Even though I find it leaning towards the feminine side, it’s because of the gourmand oriental impression that I would be occasionally wearing it, when the mood would call for it.

On her skin the perfume is immensely sensual, calm, warm and intimate. It creates a desire to be near to someone, to have someone in your arms.
To a man, this might be a scent invoking the feeling of calmness, being at home, in a haven, in the only place where everything is ok - and if now it is not, it would be, by the time the sun rises. Waiting for the dawn, in someone’s embrace, that feeling could make him pull his arms to his chest, crossing them inadvertently as if he has something to hold and keep safe. Something that isn’t there, but once was. Or that is yet to be?

Soundtrack: Max Richter - The Leftovers Piano Theme
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