Jasmin et Cigarette (2006)

Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange
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Jasmin et Cigarette is a perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange for women and was released in 2006. The scent is flowery-smoky. It is still in production.

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Apricot, Hay, Jasmine absolute, Musk, Tobacco, Tonka bean, Cedar, Curcuma, Amber



6.4 (98 Ratings)


7.0 (63 Ratings)


6.4 (58 Ratings)


6.4 (58 Ratings)
Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 11.05.2017
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Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 9.0/10
The scent of youthful transgression
I delight in the long season of jasmine flowering, stalking the staggered blooming of the varieties.

The earliest variety is even now providing heady sprays of indolic pinky tipped blooms borne on their vigorous vine. When the flowers first appeared I dipped some briefly in vodka and the result served over sorrel sorbet was a taste of spring garden. Later the Chinese Star variety popped, its dark handsome foliage and pure white flowers providing such pretty visual contrast to complement the quite different fresh citrus blossom fragrance of those blooms. Both these jasmines seem to feature in today's fragrance.

Let us spray...

When I first smelled Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette I was startled to have novel nuances of that indolic pink tipped jasmine flower brought front and centre. These smoky stale aspects evident both in the flowers' natural bouquet and in jasmine absolute became so obvious to me as Antoine Maisondieu accentuates them in this composition. He gave me an "Aha!" moment of observational clarity that was enough to intrigue me with this perfume from the outset.

Ah and a memory came - shameful confession - of my younger self, a mere novice, happened upon in a clandestine moment behind the chapel where the exuberant jasmine vine frothed and tumbled. I had just inhaled the fug exhaled by the flowers commingled with my first (and last) gasp of a gasper. Sister Ignatia's smile on seeing me was quiet and indulgent. She wisely intoned: "Tread carefully with anything you cannot set down as readily as you have taken it up..." and strolled on.

Ancient entwined echoes of shame swirling with Jasmin et Cigarette's initial intoxicating headrush of indolic jasmine fragrance and ashy, smoky cigarette fumes soon dissipate. The fragrance becomes expansive with notes of crushed greenery, fresh tobacco and earthiness, all scents that also arose long ago as I hastily snuffed my illicit cigarette underfoot!

Jasmin et Cigarette might commence slightly left of centre for some, the bitter earthy note of curcuma (turmeric) reading too ashy or metallic. These dimensions soon recede as the earthier side of turmeric emerges, a sweet dust that merges with the anchoring warm cedar whilst the tonka lends hints of honey and hay to the now rather delectable aromas of fresh cured tobacco. Over all this a light citrusy jasmine blossom floats and the fragrance hums thusly quiet and elegant for several hours.

Although it seems to wear quite close, I have several times wandered into the delicious light floral breeze of my own sillage. I have worn Jasmin et Cigarette in a range of contexts to much praise and no condemnation. After 5 or 6 hours its last whisper fades with the warmth, sweetness and wisdom of a benediction.

Fragrant blessings,
Sister Mary Magdelene, Patron Saint of Perfumers.

(originally posted at Australian Perfume Junkies)
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Scent 7.0/10
A jasmine Dzing
Wonderful soft, enveloping jasmine of a heavy Sambac nature, deep but not harsh, indolic but not stinky. Castoreum-like, animalic but not overwhelming. More like a warm hug. This is a soft but enormous beauty with her claws retracted safely. There seems to be civet here too but so soft. It is hard to love a full on Jasmine, but here it is executed perfectly. A very surprisingly soft fragrance from this line and initially, very, very pretty.

As this develops, the floral side recedes and the animals hay and straw bedding become apparent. This note is very reminiscent of the circus/hay/funky note in Dzing but much fresher here. Note, I said fresher and not fresh.

I'm not a full on jasmine fiend but I really like this one. It is very jasmine floral in a soft and snuggly way. It conjures up a lazy weekend snuggled up to someone on a deep sofa by the fireside when it has reached the ember stage. There is an element of sweetness in here but it is perfectly balanced and is no more sweet than the nectar in a flower, going nowhere near gourmand. I would imagine a coumarin note or tonka giving this warm fuzzy feel, a bit like a warm malty cocoa. It is a hand nuzzler that begs to be re-sniffed all day but it fades all too soon into a light musky shadow.

I was surprised to find out which this was. I got no faggy notes except the fireside burning. Quite pleased too because I have smelled this before, long ago and I liked it then too.

(I'm blind testing a series of ELdO samples, so these reviews are from nose notes.)
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David Bowie "John, I'm only dancing"
would be the perfect song accompanying the way this smells on me. I get the hazy cigarettes and jasmine part, the Greta Garbo inspiration more than a masculine scent experience (The way this smells on my skin it could not have worked on a man), but surrounded by it is an amusement park- the tonka bean plays it up I guess, being quite prominent on me. A discrete smell of machinery (Making my mind drift to carousels :)) and those almost ridiculously over-sized lollipops with swirls of bright color. Quite sweet. Quite familiar. It's been a while since I visited, but i bet Tivoli in Copenhagen smells just like this.
Scent 10.0/10
Jasmine for the Guys
This is probably one of my favorites at the moment, especially in hot and humid climes. Winter, however, has come on in full force here in South Africa and I'm going to give this a bash in the 'bitter cold' that is being predicted. I'm hoping it's not an epic fail :).
Truly beautiful night blooming Jasmine (the kind that grows all around my house magically scenting the spring and summer air) softens gradually as the tobacco and cedar come into play, keeping this frag alive and kicking for a good 8 hours. As a smoker, I love the way my menthol cigarettes interact with the tobacco here :) ... intensifying and rounding it out. The cedar aspect is phenomenal too, keeping things nicely grounded. I don't get very much fruit or musk in this ... a good thing for me! This fragrance definitely leans toward the masculine side of the unisex divide. Unbelievably ( I don't really find myself buying second bottles with my ever expanding collection these days), I'm on my third bottle of JeC, which reminds me - a few backups are probably in order!
A superbly constructed fragrance from ELd'O, well deserving of at least a test from any Jasmine fan.

I can happily report that Jasmin et Cigarette is just as good in the cold!!
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Just What it Says.
The name says it all. What you smell is jasmine and tobacco, but what takes you there is interesting. The jasmine is clean and a bit green, not particularly indolic, and is reinforced by a light cedar. I take the tobacco note to be tobacco with coumarin, giving a hay-like scent. These 3 elements give the same honeyed gorgeousness of the fresh, moist Dutch blonde cigarette tobacco used to roll your own. It made me want to take up smoking again. I know the ‘cigarette’ in this fragrance is often said to be more of a pipe or that the tobacco is smoke, but I definitely see it as freshly packaged, unsmoked blonde cigarette tobacco. The jasmine and the tobacco hold together quite well and do a fairly linear dance with each other through the drydown. Linear works here as you catch different parts of the elements coming together in different ways all the time: jasmine and cedar, tobacco and tonka, jasmine and hay, but usually simply jasmin et cigarette.
Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 7.0/10
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A Masculine Jasmine, Pants Only Please
Etat Libre d'Orange JASMIN ET CIGARETTE seems entirely unisex if not masculine to me. No sweetness whatsoever--at least not to my nose--and the jasmine is dry and dusty, mixed up with the lint of a coat pocket in which a few filterless cigarettes were left until they broke open, spilling slightly old but unburnt tobacco about.

This is a very nice atmosphere scent, actually. A masculine jasmine, with enough tobacco mixed in to make it not seem too floral at all. I definitely get the intended connotation of a certain type of woman, who ELdO says could be Greta Garbo or Marlène Dietrich or Charlotte Gainsbourg. Although this does not stink like Gitanes, fortunately!

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