Rien Intense Incense (2014)

Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange
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Rien Intense Incense is a popular limited perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is smoky-leathery. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Frankincense, Rose, Leather, Iris, Cistus, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Amber, Cumin, Black pepper, Aldehydes



7.9 (94 Ratings)


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8.1 (79 Ratings)
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0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    7
Rien Intense Incense in embarrassing...
I think for various reasons that I can't really describe fragrances well, but my first test of Rien Intense Incense was so embarrassingly whimsical that I can't resist sharing this experience. And embarrassingly whimsical one could sometimes also connect a little bit with the brand EldO, which I do not necessarily mean negative.

Well, the highlight of the day was once again one of these usual, practical atomizer sticks, filled with Rien Intense Incense , which I had been looking forward to for a long time, in my mailbox. (Dear thanks to WoodyBree). Of course I pulled off the cap with curiosity and a bright, pungent, intense smell immediately surged towards me, although I hadn't sprayed at all. Oioioi, but he has a lot of horsepower, I thought to myself, put the cap back on again and regretfully postponed the test until later, as I expected an expert from the property management between 13 and 14 o'clock, who was supposed to inspect my bathroom in need of renovation. A nice, friendly person, whom I already knew from earlier repair work, and whom I naturally did not want to torture.

Time passed and as he was still not there shortly before 2 pm, I thought something had come up and he would either come much later or not at all. So I greedily grabbed the bottling and sprayed. Seconds later it rang. Oh dear, it shot through my head and, shoo, shoo, I quickly tilted all the windows of the flat and let him in.
Then I stopped thinking about the scent and we stood next to each other in my windowless bathroom, which of course had been scrubbed and freshly cleaned before, while he looked at the 27 year old, somewhat worn out sink and the bathtub and took notes. Suddenly I noticed his somewhat tortured expression on his face, and when he had to cough, a light came on me. Uh... I thought and stepped a few steps back out the bathroom door to take advantage of the draught. I mumbled something like "excuse me, something smells like incense" but he didn't reply. I hoped that the draft would save the situation and the inspection turned to the toilet (also carefully roughened and cleaned), the lid of which I always keep closed and which he looked at suspiciously. I was astonished that he didn't want to take a closer look at the thing, because a new one would cost the property management at least money. It fell like scales from my eyes, as at that moment a breath of perfume rose into my nose. With malice aforethought or a nasty nose, one can perceive an aspect of this incense like ammonia. And stale urine smells like ammonia. So he probably thought that someone had forgotten to flush his little shop away.
Well, what the hell, in any case I'm still looking forward to a new tub, sink and toilet bowl.

To the smell I try of course now also still something to write.
In the beginning my nose smells something very intense, something pungent, green, bright, incense. This incense phase lasts longer and when you inhale deeply, it really has something exhilaratingly spacy, radiant and you fly through a wide green space. I don't mind the possible minimal ammonia sound and you don't have to concentrate on it. Somehow I thought of Youth Dew in between.
Then it starts to change for me to something mentholigem, minzigem sometime. I also like that very much, except that sometimes it jumps a turn into the artificial. But even that may have something, although I personally don't like it that much. Later it changes to the spicy, leathery, woody one and I sometimes have to think a little of Au Cour du Desert. But sometimes that also changes to a sweaty, bitter side.
In the end something irresistibly sweet and resinous and spicy comes up for me, but sometimes it also jumps into the automatic chewing gum machine. Exactly this resinous, lovely note is also in my clothes etc. and I like it very much.

The scent is for my nose actually all the time a tightrope walk between being mainly attracted and fascinated and every now and then but also unpleasantly touched and annoyed.
Besides, my nose sometimes closes for a few minutes.
But on the whole I like Rien Intense Incense and find it very interesting because it somehow changes and jumps, jumps and flirts all the time. And it has a calming but also stimulating effect on me and envelops me pleasantly. I think it fits to a rainy day.
I put it on my wish list, but I'm not sure yet. I also think that it doesn't really look good on me, but I don't care anyway anyway.

In any case, there is more than enough in the tube to test further.
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8.0 9.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    14
Extraterrestrial Love and Nothingness
Something extraordinary special.
Freshly sprayed on, the fragrance has a painfully paralyzing effect - incense without end - and briefly leaves a yawning emptiness behind in the world of thought. The leather makes me think more clearly again and gives my imagination back the forms. Patchouli, cumin and black pepper provide the complementary component and everything seems to be perfect. But when an extraterrestrial being with a little rose in his hand stands in front of me and gives me Earthling his love, then it happened to me - immediately I return this love unconditionally and irrevocably.
Now everything was clear to me again: Nothing is not just nothing. The nothing wants to be perceived, because it is loud and beautiful. Nothing penetrates everything, because it is heavy and takes the space it needs. Nothing is full of black love, likes to cross borders and is not of this world.
But be careful! I don't want to pass on the love that nothing gives me, it belongs to me alone! I much prefer to move in their aura, which seems arrogant and untouchable to others. So don't get too close, or I'll disappoint you.
I grant you everything, provided you leave me my nothing, because it is just right for me and my black soul. No more without you!
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9.0 8.0 10.0 9.0/10

2 Reviews
Rien Intense Incense
I am not immune to tarry smells, so having read and watched the reviews I hardly hesitated to blind-buy Rien Intense Incense. (Note that I say ‘hardly’, because Etat Libre d’Orange is also responsible for unleashing upon the world the pure evil that is Secretions Magnifiques.) I did blind-buy, and upon first spray I did also, briefly, feel a slight sting of regret, underlined by the (hilariously) confused look upon my friend’s face (in her undying and naive support of my obsession with smells, bless her heart). ‘It smells…old’ she said, trying to hide her bewilderment. And yes, the aldehydic onslaught of the opening screams ‘perfume’ like nothing else: both nutty and bright, sitting somewhere between the first acts of Arpège and Chanel no. 5. Once the aldehydes give way, the frankincense kicks in, turpentine-like, smoky, and anti-septic (near immaculate, for the liturgically inclined): in perfect counterpoint with the beastly roar of the leather-accord. After a nod to the civet of its congenator Rien, RII dries down to a gentle (if still very audible) purr, a comfortably dry mix of spices and leather that really does last for hours.
8.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    8
The pull into infinity or how I learned to love black holes
Is the universe now infinite or not? Does the "Big Bang" follow a "Big Crunsh"? What is behind it and behind it and again behind it? This is what astronomers and particle physicists are supposed to deal with....(although such things also interest me very much).
But with this scent I hold an indication in my hands that my nose can only confirm:
The probability of infinity is greater than the je.
In the first test I was almost thrown back, so deep was the pulsating hole I looked into. Dark scraps of herbtinous dry wood seemed to pass by ... becoming faster and faster, turning around its own axis in whirls of spiced, dark dust.
The second, more cautious dive in I was literally magically attracted by this tireless something that seems to be lurking here. The "dry dust" is surrounded by dark blue fog wafts. Incense in its dark form. Dull, rhythmic, attractive roar in the distance.
Tense "listening" to background noise.
Cistus mosses on leather patches seem to be a part of the hole edge, which are finally drawn in with a sucking whirr to unite with the already inherent components.
I am now seized by the inevitable urge to do the same to them. Don't fight me against the suction that grips me anymore.
The infinite depth doesn't make me shudder defensively anymore.
No... i glide in smoothly with a comforting shower, together with Amber and Patchouli, which give me a soft "ground".
Yes, wait.... The infinite has no ground at all, no possibilities to arrive anywhere at all.
Or is that different?
After a long "falling" in slow motion I feel as if there is a tiny light spot at the other end of the "black hole".
That comes closer as well as in slow motion. The other side?
Some say, through black holes one can travel through space and time, or into another reality.
The room now bends and flows into a kind of funnel.
In brightness...Behind me the gaping throat that threw me out.
Where have I arrived?
Oh, I love black holes.....
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11 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
fab flanker
rien really is the director's cut of the original; not merely 'more' of the same, but new contours and a BAM factor that sets up the rien-ish drydown of cyborg leathers and cgi resins. very potent but also exceedingly well-behaved. easily my fave eldo and a rare flanker that respects and develops the best elements of the original. excellent smouldering, dystopian frag...

56 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    6
Etat Libre D'Orange Rien vs Rien Intense Incense
Here's a comparison video I have been meaning to do. An Etat Libre D'Orange Rien vs Rien Intense Incense comparison video. This is to compare the differences of Etat Libre D'Orange Rien vs Rien Intense Incense. If you know one or the other or both or neither of the Etat Libre D'Orange Rien and Rien Intense Incense it's time to find out or just watch to see what both Dalya and I think of both Etat Libre D'Orange Rien and Rien Intense Incense.

8.0 7.0 9.0 9.0/10

12 Reviews
very dark dusty-smokey leather
To me Etat perfumes are very odd in terms of their scents. Rien is one of the best from this liberal state. having black pepper on top, this perfume grabs your color the very moment you get it sprayed. The most attractive thing to me is that the perfume does not change a lot from its top to its base, and mesmerizing smoky leathers are spelled from the very beginning until the very end of dry down stage. It has got remarkable longevity and good sillage as well. Rein smells a bit synthetic in mid maybe because of the accord built by Aldehydes, leather, patchouli, Frankincense, and etc., which not only gives you a mysterious look, but also it does make you to feel the smell of an alien!! If you like leathery perfumes, it is worth trying one of the darkest one in this olfactory family.
7.0 9.0 9.0 8.5/10

190 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
More is More
For me the best moments of the brand Etat Libret d'Orange are precisely those that they can support a provocative and ironic concept regarding market practices with a scent that not only fits into the concept but who rescues something of the past and gives a more modern but still decent interpretation.

Rien is perhaps one of the best brand in this sense, a perfume with her name somehow takes a fun of minimalist and almost transparent compositions offering a gigantic and proud creation of leather, aldehydes and animalic touches, something that immediately reminds me of one of the most challenging classic when it comes to leather, the beautiful Robert Piguet Bandit. Rien Intense Incense goes precisely in the opposite direction that less is more and do more is more by adding another facet to the idea, incense, keeping the intensity of the composition as promised.

This is one of those scents that automatically highlights, since few still dare to do this. The composition maintains the optimum combination of leather with aldehyde and animalic elements, something that gives it a bold and different personality. You can tell that the incense fits very well, adding a fresh, camphor-like and resinous dimension at the background, something that highlight the aldehydes while softing a bit the dry intensity of leather. Sometimes you can see the floral aspect of the iris and pink adding something more delicate and sensual to the brutality of the idea, which is again bring back by the dry aspect of the woods and amber in the base.

It surprises me a little the direction that Libret Etat d'Orange took recently. It is with perfumes like Rien Intense Incense that the brand became relevant and drew attention in the scenario. It is with creations like Rien Intense Incense that it should continue. I understand the need to ensure the profitability of business with less challenging compositions, but I feel that most of brand recent launches lack this kind of personality, which go against common sense and come out victorious in what they do.

516 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
Annoyingly noisy
Rien Intense opens with a funny-smelling and nuclear-powerful accord, or I should say “juxtaposition” of soapy notes with a black-grayish, metallic, hyper thick and dry synthetic “smoked” incense note, with a sort of “materic” substance like soil or concrete, and also a subtle base which smells something like a rendition of fake castoreum. All wrapped into aldehydes and plastic mossy notes. Vaguely reminiscent of the mood of some masculine chypres from the 1970’s, but more than a tribute or a reworking it seems like monuments being vandalised by graffiti artists. Overall, in my opinion Rien Intense reflects perfectly its name (“nothing intense”): it’s intense, and it’s nothing. By this I mean that as much powerful it is, it smells completely meaningless to me. It smells like when you wash your hands after having fixed your car: soap and “dark dirty industrial stuff”. I guess it’s my close-mindedness, but I find this fragrance clumsy and boringly unpleasant - “boringly” because it’s not a creative, or provocative kind of “unpleasant” (which I’d still enjoy, or respect at least): just simply annoying. Another “no” for me from this brand.



MRoth 22 months ago
A brave, bitter leather and frankincense blend. Aldehydes and iris smooth the rough edges of this unashamedly synthetic scent.+4

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