Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange

Rien Intense Incense 2014

07.05.2021 - 01:22 AM
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Takes me to church...

I grew up with the smell of the burning incense in Greek orthodox churches. Oh, that incense! Rien Intense Incense is all about that church feeling. It is a clean scent although it is slightly animalic, but the best animalic fragrance in the industry. I wear it for 6 years now and it is such a comforting scent, especially during days where my self-confidence is low, and Rien is there for me, just like GOD is there for those who praise him. It is so well-crafted, leans more on the masculine side as the best niche scents often do. Quite a sexy experience with Rien, especially when people ask me what I am wearing. Answering "nothing" has a strong meaning: Rien is the signature scent of those who do not merely love it but truly appreciate it because it has really become their own skin smell, such that the answer "nothing" is the daring truth. I love the original version as well, but this one is more sexy, refined and more churchy. A tribute to incense, leather and aldehyde. Because it is after all a clean scent, it is great for summer nights as well. I always ask myself: can you wear it all day, all night, all seasons... because wearing RIEN is no sin, it simply takes me to church!

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