Vicolo Fiori (1996) Eau de Toilette

Vicolo Fiori (Eau de Toilette) by Etro
Bottle Design: Gimmo Etro
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Vicolo Fiori (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Etro for women and was released in 1996. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBellflower, Mandarin
Heart Notes Heart NotesCyclamen, Lotus, Melon, Wild rose, Waterlily, White peach, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Iris, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla



7.5 (201 Ratings)


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7.4 (140 Ratings)
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7.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
enchanted alleys, dreaming courtyards
During my wanderings through Italian cities I must have become a different "I" before.
There is no other explanation for the fact that I walked - even if only during the day - through picturesque alleys of the old town, which were not visited by tourists at all. I felt safe!
The looking and amazement, the fascination of something so foreign to me, made me forget all caution.
For my mum and a part of my circle of friends it was unimaginable and certainly a little frightening when they saw from the photos where I had been again And I already knew why I didn't show them photos of particularly tranquil courtyards - into which I went quite naturally -: it was better, they didn't know everything!

In one of these dreaming courtyards something astonishing happened, something quite unexpected.
In a winding old town alley, where old women were still sitting in front of the houses with their knitting and cats, and the flower arrangements on the houses simply made me forget the laundry drying across the alley, a wrought-iron gate lured me in, which was open.
The adventurer in me "had to" pass through there and so I ended up in a courtyard whose charisma still fascinates me today. I found a special idyll in the middle of an Italian city.
The walls of the buildings surrounding him were in very bad condition; something like this would certainly be a target for the wrecking ball in our case.
But that was quickly forgotten: flowering plants entwined themselves over these areas; on each windowsill stood pots and flower boxes with vigorously flowering plants and large tubs of oleander and palm trees offered more than just shade. No, they also formed an almost final "roof".
Welcome to the Mediterranean jungle, which radiated welcome coolness! I turned like a little propeller around myself: the need to experience everything, to see and inhale was huge!
Caught in this green dream, I was frightened when I was greeted with a cheerful "Buon Giorno, Signora": Oh, Mamma Mia! Where did that come from?
A wooden table and several chairs stood in a corner of this private botanical garden almost covered by leaves, flowers and tendrils. There sat a woman who was no longer young, but was extremely beautiful, with a cup of espresso and a journal that she had just put out of her hand.
She smiled radiantly full of unadulterated friendliness and offered me a chair and - you can hardly believe it! - an espresso! Lived hospitality that amazed me.
Now already then my Italian was enough for a listless conversation; so we both spent more than an hour chatting: first with espresso, later with a big jug full of homemade lemonade!
It seems we could have been trusted friends.
I should have taken pictures, but I forgot: I lived in a dream and enjoyed every moment in this courtyard, in this society!

I don't know what exactly in "Vicolo Fiori" brings this memory back to life in such a colourful way.
The first time it was tested it was a Déjà-Vu of the special kind; the pictures fit into each other:
I wandered through flowery alleys again and ended up in this yard!

Bellflower and mandarin give this scented painting a girlishly delicate prelude.
This bright and light impression is maintained for a long time by rather "watery" scents such as melon, water lily and lotus: "Vicolo Fiori" becomes fresh, but nevertheless acquires an aromatic round body.
The slightly tart, so wonderfully old-fashioned cyclamen and a lot of rose fragrance provide femininity in an unaffected form.
The white peach, rather tender and delicately fruity, Ylang-Ylang weaves everything into golden nets.
This creates a veil of fragrance full of grace.
Also the components of the base note were dosed for this flower alley full of feeling and without mighty rashes up or down.
Musk and vanilla are present, but still reserved and therefore elegant.
Iris "powders" again against the always somewhat omnipotent sandalwood; both meet in the middle - and that's good!
Amber finally lays the gold of the evening sun over this magically scented alley and invites you to linger!

I follow this invitation gladly and spend some harmonious hours with this flowery and very joyful smell female.
A flowery freshness that preserves a touch of virginity even at the end is a surprising fragrance development.
Here I meet quite idiosyncratic scents, which correspond very well with each other and thus let a simply beautiful scent creature come alive.
This summer scent, which surrounds uncomplicatedly and charmingly, deserves attention.
"Vicolo Fiori" is not a spectacular fragrance; it is remarkable and adorable in its entirety!
This fragrance is an invitation to enjoy quietly, to chat and to rediscover lost or believed lost feelings.
To follow this flower lane is worthwhile for everyone who is still open for the "little things" of life.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    44
The Happy Soul Bird
When I was a kid I liked a little book by Michal Snunit, "The Soul Bird". The bird knows many emotional colors, and for each there is a drawer in the bird's body.
Since my soul bird as a child was often rather sad and anxious and put his big wings over his little head like a blanket, I often imagined before falling asleep how sorrow and sorrow disappear into the drawers and are locked tightly with a beautifully squiggled key, so that they are hidden, somewhere far away in dark places, unreachable for us humans. Then I could usually fall asleep more calmly.

Vicolo Fiori is a fragrance that reminds me of the beautiful moments of my childhood, of those that shine forever in me, even if they sometimes seem strangely strange and distant.
It is a simple, bright and cheerful fragrance of fine, slender form, not strikingly elegant or even sublime, but also not unadorned in the sense of arbitrary or irrelevant.
It is lovely sun cream on pure, warm skin, is a dab of Nivea on round, rosy cheeks and a smiling child's mouth, is small white flowers in freshly washed hair and in the gentle summer wind.
It is the scent that surrounds us when we stand still and sunken in front of a bright flower, admire its beauty and think of nothing else.
Or if we drive through light-flooded avenues with a lemon ice cream in our hands and believe that summer will never end.
If we admire broken sunbeams in the sea of clouds, lie quietly on the beach and form sand angels, eat juicy peaches and need nothing further, the world is enough, everything is there, everything is good.
Simple and quiet happiness in the heart.
It still hangs as a comforting fragrance in our clothes when we remember the next day in the cool dawn that summer will soon be over, even though in the evening we always believe that the days never get shorter.

Vicolo Fiori is like the swan-white, shiny plumage of the happy soul bird who explores the world in the morning and at night, who lives in us and our dreams and is always there, who brings eternal summer - in spring, autumn and winter.
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7.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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... summer can come...
If he wouldn't advertise for ladies in an explicit way, I'd wear him myself.

Anyway, I wear it myself, because I think it's great.

It reminds me of the summer holidays in the past.

Portugal, Italy etc. That's how you smell when you're ready for the beach. He's got a little sunscreen.

The fragrance starts off sparkling and the tangerine becomes more and more accentuated from minute to minute. Water lily gets involved. Iris and musk round it all off
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