Devil Tender 2016

Devil Tender by Ex Nihilo
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Devil Tender is a popular perfume by Ex Nihilo for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPink pepper, Pink grapefruit, Peach juice
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose water, Bulgarian rose, Peony
Base Notes Base NotesWhite cedar, Sandalwood, Suede



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 28.10.2020.
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Top Review    9  
Too tender to be lost.
Like when you're in the iridescent conservatory
of the happy tidal change
a gentle tide will jump,
nestles to your borders
and overcomes them at the moment,
appeals to your patience
and you - shoo, shoo, shoo,
didn't you see it? -
with delicate pink rose water
washed around.

How transformed do you go afterwards
through your morning,
purified downright;
you almost mean that yours years ago
for legitimate reasons
internal anger
would have weakened.

The constantly clenched fist,
well hidden in the bag,
it dissolves all at once,
and when you bend over,
to pick up a delicate down feather,
you see yourself for a moment
in the mirrors of the surroundings
and wonder about the glow
that covers your head...

Could it be that?
Do you understand,
what it means,
the world through the
pink glasses to see?

After all, you're ram
the principle of aggression and awakening -
and now all of a sudden
this quiet, inner, spiritual sound painting:
"sag´ times, do you still have them all?" -
deep down,
so heartily felt -
like "Enya" in her gentlest moments...
Simply ´mal get the lighter out
and to be on the urban marketplace
to the sound of the universe...
No matter if the sun shines,
the clouds pile up,
the night is black
or the stars fall?
Who'll catch them? Br />
Au weia.
All I'm saying is watch out! Now you have to act.

Much too gentle you feel,
"I don't even recognize myself,"
weakened on the one hand,
and then you're already thinking about it,
the evil new neighbor of opposite
than small attention
Incense sticks in good,
reconciliatory intention
on the stairs.
Just at that moment he opens the door,
and before he can say anything,
you put your hand on his shoulder,
look deep into his eyes,
nodding to him knowing too
and you say, "Namasté"

It's rare that fraternization has taken place so quickly.
Both cry.
That's love.
And that, although yesterday you
you were on and off,
to give him one on the bell.
Because: it would be quite appropriate,
for the nerves,
he's cost you goodness!

But, sei´s drum, forgive and forget,
you have to let it be good once in a while.

With all the sentimentality
is playing just now over there in the neighboring house
someone piano,
sing to it and you know:
you hear sadness and truth.
A slight sigh each here and there,
it doesn't take much,
to face the truth.

The small gestures explain
the big litters
and you still dodged in time;
too tender to be
to get lost.


A most wonderful one,
in pink gold powder tones
held ( roses ) scent,
noble, valuable and very elegant.
Yes: also feminine - but should this be an obstacle?

6 Replies
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The Leather Rose
Thanks to a dear Parfuma, I got this fragrance as a small bottling in addition. It is no first ex Nihilo fragrance and I was curious what awaited me. Purely from the scent pyramid, I would probably never have bought it, because rose scents are difficult for me.
That doesn't mean that I don't like fragrances with roses, but with too much rose in one fragrance, I always have my grandma in mind. Well, I wanted to test it anyway.

Since I clean my face with rose water, a well-known scent came directly towards me, because at the beginning I perceive spiced rose water which is refreshing to see. I don't see much of the grapefruit. After a few minutes, the peony comes to the fore. It smells now very cultivated after noble sweet rose lotion, in addition a spice comes by the leather and he becomes "creamier". Now it smells warm but fresh for me after slightly creamy "leather rose" with a hint of spice.

Not a bad scent in itself, I'll probably use up this little bottling, but I won't buy it
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Very helpful Review    7  
The devil wears Nada
"Devil Tender" is a summery, everyday rose scent that I honestly expected a little more from. Strictly speaking. It's super made and in parts also seductive, but for the most part it plays down a concept, admittedly almost perfect and extremely high quality, which has been dodged to death in the ladies mainstream for years. And there's nothing devilish here... Whether one can accuse this however one actually very good smell, is a different thing...

Ex Nihilo has succeeded here as a kind of final point for the spring-fresh rose smell. As if rose meets sprite - only in luxurious and all extensively expensive. Grapefruit and rose have to be put into the nose or on the skin in such a quality. That seems so often and so quickly cheap and flat. This is another league to deal with. Simple but almost perfect in concept. Cheerful, sunny, in a good mood without being pushy. So if you don't have to worry about money and are still looking for a noble, elegant and yet exceptionally wearable rose for the next, warmer months - here it is!

Flacon: royal, heavy, expensive
Sillage: rather tame... or is the camouflage?
Durability: solid 7 hours

Conclusion: a rather well-behaved but extremely high-quality, round rose fragrance. Watery, tangy, playful. If that's a devil, she's got herself in a hell of a camouflage... More naive and youthful. Despite a light pepper sprinkler. But from a very good house. No doubt about it.
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Top Review    13  
The devil with the rose head
She is beautiful and many men turn after her, but still she is lonely, because the great love she has still not found.
Often she dreams of an attractive stranger who comes into her life when she doesn't even expect it.......!
She is a little shy, so it would never occur to her to do the first step with a man.

One day she came home exhausted from work, it had once again been a long and exhausting day and she longed for a bubble bath with rose petals, because she loved roses above all else As she stood in front of her apartment door, something drew your attention.......a light pink rose was stuck on the door handle.
She searched in vain for a corresponding message, but the beguiling scent already reached her nose and she became a little dizzy.
Who was the secret Rosenkavalier? Had he possibly erred in the front door and it was not meant at all?
She took the rose to her apartment and put it in a vase.

Within the next days the vase filled up, because every day of the following week she found a new rose at her door.
Her thoughts revolved only around the mysterious stranger and she was torn between romantic feelings and fear.
On the eighth day there was no pink rose, no, this time she greeted a fully blossoming purple peony, which had an absolutely beguiling scent and completely clouded her senses.
In addition, a small, beautifully packaged package lay on the doormat, a small letter was attached to it.
She opened the envelope with trembling fingers and read the letter:
"Please wear the scent tonight when I come to you, your tender devil".
She opened the parcel and found a beautiful bottle with pink contents, a scent unknown to her, which she sprayed herself with expectation.
For a moment she thought she smelled Rharbarber, but no, it was pink grapefruit with a dash of peach juice, delicious and refreshing.
Quite fast this effervescence gave way to a fine creaminess and there they were, the splendid roses and the peony, which they had been putting into a whirlpool of romantic feelings for days.
A fine woodiness rounded off the scent, a tiny touch of a light suede glove still clung to the bottle that the "tender devil" had previously held in his hands
No one had ever given her anything so beautiful before and when it rang at the door, she already suspected that this could be the beginning of an exciting relationship.............
12 Replies

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