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Midnight Special by Ex Nihilo
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Midnight Special is a popular perfume by Ex Nihilo for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is sweet-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 24.09.2021.
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16 Reviews
Sophisticated and elegant.
This one is quite interesting. I am not that much into rose-oud fragrances, but I must admir that this one is really nice. It opens up fruity (peachy) with spices like cinnamon and saffron. In the mid you get the rose and in the drydown you get the vanilla, oud (not skanky oud) and very nice patchouli.
It is very unisex and sexy and the performance is really good. It lasts and lasts!
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Winter may come
Yes, it is one of those many rose oud creations of which more and more have been released in the last few years. Just the other day I read somewhere in the forum how someone was talking about this "boring" rose oud topic. It was claimed that every niche perfumery has at some point or another used this combination or will do so in the future. And yes, that may well be. But that's also simply because it works so incredibly well.

I'm going to say - and this is the reason why I dedicate my second comment to this fragrance here - that Midnight Special has mastered this combination better than any other competitor.

To the fragrance:
Right at the start a rich oud-saffron nouancen awaits you. The oud is by no means animalistic, but gives the fragrance that typical "dull" start. Everything smells very dry and well spiced. After a certain amount of time of waiting (I deliberately don't give any time specifications here, as I am aware that fragrances develop at different speeds on different skin types), the rose pushes itself more into the foreground. Not so much that I would claim that this is a strong rose scent, but it is present.
When I read the fragrance pyramid, I had to smile at the term "rose jam". I strongly doubt that this is really a fragrance, but I can understand why this term was chosen. The rose, which has slowly fought its way into the foreground, brings a beautiful, fruity sweetness that accompanies the fragrance until it has completely faded away.
Dull oud, fruity rose and on top some spices. This creation is really perfect. But before I go any further, I'd like to show you my...

The flacon is pretty and the original packaging (a box with beige piano lacquer and magnetic closure) is also visible. If you don't have a rose oud fragrance in your collection yet and plan to change this, this is the right place to go. The combination with a fruity sweetness to pep up here very well succeeded. The sweetness is just right and not too penetrating, as one might expect. The rose is present, but not too dominant. And the oud is less animalistic, wonderfully dull and of the finest quality. I can recommend the fragrance for the colder days, especially for evenings with the family or as a couple. It creates a feel-good atmosphere without imposing itself.

Like I said... A true masterpiece.
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Little dress flutter, like the little heart...
Like when you're on the extra for you
cleared market place of your town
to the dance:
and the others,
who are willing,
today infinitely
to turn itself...
until you get dizzy -
what's the big deal?
Forgetting yourself
forget yourself,
the dresses are fluttering,
like the little heart.

Smiling after that
stand all together and find out:
we should do this more often.
And they say:
"Yes, right now."

At the edge of free space
everything has its place,
the fine things stand,
that it needs,
to get through life well.

The children's carousel, for example,
and you want to be in the
red fire trucks -
because of the beautiful bell.

On an old boat swing
you're going high,
to prove that
how courageous you are in everything
A paradise apple
you want to eat twice,
to fully understand him,
namely in the,
what an apple is
and on the other hand: paradise.

At countless stands
heartwisely cotton candy,
to understand
what can make a kiss.

The shooting gallery,
in which for each miss
a bonus in heaven
and a balance on your karma account
you'll have.

The quiet, flower-lined corner,
in the evening still,
against the deep blue sky,
the magnificent flowers with butterflies
clearly visible
and give off a scent,
that softens the heart and knees.

Midnight Special is such a fragrance,
who'll send me to a warm,
dark blue late summer evening.
that has a life to offer,
the momentum it takes,
to overcome the next obstacle
and love,
which is in everything,
that not only meant well,
but also well done.

---------------------------<<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents "Song for a seagull" - Teleman
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Bashke81Bashke81 7 months ago
Sexy rose-oud combination with a beastmode performance. Must try!
BoBoChampBoBoChamp 12 months ago
Shifting from bright spicy to sweet fruity, this unique creamy spicy-floral Fall fragrance is nicely balanced by a gentle earthy-woody base.
3 Replies

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