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Viper Green by Ex Nihilo
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Viper Green is a popular perfume by Ex Nihilo for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is green-floral. It is still in production.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGalbanum, Angelica root, Green mandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine sambac absolute, Orris absolute, Rosyfolia®
Base Notes Base NotesHaitian vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, Powdery notes



7.8 (40 Ratings)


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7.9 (40 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 15.11.2020.
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Early and grin
In the past, when I still did that, I sometimes wrote regular perfume comments on my regular S-Bahn ride. Difficult now in Covid times, because the control sniffer on my wrist could get me in trouble in front of the possible control sniffer or at least cause the unwillingness of other passengers, so, I'd better leave that until I feel unseen.
So, green-fresh for now, not surprisingly. Ah, lily of the valley, clearly. What does the pyramid say about my impression? Nothing.
Lily of the valley says nothing, Rosyfolia says nothing, but that doesn't tell me anything. I read and learn that this fragrance is supposed to smell similar to my lily of the valley. So very similar, I would like to say here. Pretty much the same, you could say. I'm glad I could verify that. It is difficult, when you look out of the window you should see November according to the calendar, which is just like the beginning of October, but even that would be no time for lilies of the valley...
I now have to overcome some metaphorical hurdles or scratch curves to get back to perfume.
Lilies of the valley are poisonous, like...well? Vipers for example
So this viper stuns its potential victims with a small but sufficient dose of lily of the valley poison, snakes into the higher grass to wait there hidden the effect. So it soaps them, its candidates, the ingenious snake. Sure, soapy things come into the conversation here, and now beyond that my S-Bahn finally arrives and I have to act in reality for a moment. Sit down. So. On with the green Viper. What did they want to achieve with the poisonous title? Whoever is looking for something suitable for the title will be disappointed, whoever is looking for something else would not choose a green Viper. Either way, it won't work. It smells fresh, green, flowery and soapy here - I think I'm unseen at the moment and quickly sniff through the fabric mask - yes, that's right. A subtle astringency protects against flowery pomposity or opulence and leaves the whole thing in spring.
And what's with the snake? I feel like Eva in that weird garden, I don't think much of it...

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Drizzle - and I throw in windows...
As if the head gardener of love,
dressed in a light green play suit
from fluttering chiffon,
for the green revolution
and then in the magic forest,
outside the city,
all those who would have found,
who for years had had a heavy heart, and still does,
no matter in which colors it was salvaged.
And now once again
hope for salvation -
the same game,
again and again.

He's a delicate leader,
who for no known reason
became one,
like Ian Anderson
jethrotullmässig, one
Windspiel flute with leading,
a secret and convincing

We are happy to be there with you
and let us exercise
and throw colourful dust over us,
high up in the sky.
We make all the bells ring,
we've tied into the hair
and give peace a chance
and finally see
that you shouldn't cry for love.

All of a sudden a jerk
goes on by the complacent courtesy,
and it seems so,
that one finally once again
can be for something -
pastel-coloured traces of light
in the spring clear sky -
they've been around since before
not like this for a long time;
and we trust his promises
( those of the "jerk" )
not quite yet.

And yet now is the time
Questions to ask,
who in their insignificance
invisible and heavy on the souls
of all parties involved.
Made the heart heavy -
and the eyelashes.

What color is a sweet pain?
Where the flowers grow,
in which day after day
can renew all life,
whether we're in or out where does my sun sign live?
Which green is next for me
and what if I didn't have a green thumb...?
Do I have the color theory of life
understood at all,
where do I look,
with Goethe or Johannes Itten ?
All questions that today first of all -
in theory -
must still remain unanswered.

Instead it goes out,
and there's a lot to see.
In the half shadow grows all kinds of magical things:
the foam blossom, the elf flower
and the white rose, which,
slightly flushed,
pink swab shows.
The wild strawberry,
that nourishes the inconspicuous,
who guide and accompany us.

Chiffon weaver and rainbow collector
build the nests for the offspring,
who in a few weeks already,
will stretch the hungry beaks.
Oh great !
If you fell in love now...?
I got up this morning,
for a short time,
in love with the drizzle.

How does Viper Green smell?
Green and flowery in any case,
also light and fresh,
after soft rain,
it is made tender and very valuable,
similar to "Bosque",
yeah, it's all right.
And yet this is only insufficient
and at best expresses that,
what in the area of the surface
to perceive and name is.
I'll leave it at ´mal here...

As a rock fan of the first hour
do you remember,
that the saxophonist from Roxy Music
Andy Mackay was called
and the most beautiful piece
on his 1978 released album
"Resolving Contradictions"
is called.
Indescribable: deep and from such a
touching beauty,
that you could smash window panes.

"My goodness, you don't remember everything.
You're getting almost sentimental...
The beginning is made."

Yes, if it were so.
That's what you think.

I don't even have
i started the right thing.
To throw in panes...

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