Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata
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Ambra Nera is a popular perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is resinous-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCypress, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Benzoin, Vetiver
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Patchouli



7.8 (98 Ratings)


8.0 (80 Ratings)


6.8 (80 Ratings)


6.8 (74 Ratings)
Submitted by Antoine, last update on 30.05.2019.
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8.0 9.0 10.0/10

19 Reviews
Very helpful Review    7
If Ambra Nera was a dirty wildcat ...
... I would allow her to breathe into my face.
If Ambra Nera was a raisin in my cereals, I would allow it to stay.
If Ambra Nera was black vanilla, I would allow it to get stuck between the gaps of my teeth.
If Ambra Nera was a date, I would allow her her to invite me into a cheesy chick-flic movie marathon.

Filled with testaments of love, I can state: Ambra Nera IS all that!
The head note starts with a kind of juicy black rum raisin, which I occasionally notice in benzoe fragrances (and which may very well be coincidence as benzoe absolue smells differently). Confidently, the black panther sneaks by and projects animalic wickedness, sweaty almost, but without any stable-stinging oud. If I had more hair on my arm, I would start to lovingly brush it now ;) In the base, I find soft vanilla, which pleasantly unite with gentle patchouli. Altogether, Ambra Nera stays about 24 hours; obviously, cats are active in the night.

Some comparisons with other ambers that I love:
* Ambra Nera (Ortiga): Same DNA, but Farmacia is fuller. Ortiga's four-legged animal likes to flash a bit of vetiver teeth and is rather the "struts around your leg"-type, while Farmacia's darling takes an euphoric leap into your arms.
* Ryder: Both are rich charmer, but in spite of Ryder's oily extrait consistency, Ambra Nera feels more saturated and due to the animalic note less complaisant, in all the good ways. The incense note of the Ryder is out here, a certain smokiness however is featured in both perfumes.

What I like most about Ambra Nera is its name-giving darkness: In all its debonair courtesy there is a raunchy independence, which keeps tension and sets the fragrance apart from the often gourmand or occasionally characterless solo-ambers. In particular, it's not the bright powdery type like e.g. Ambre / Amber or Hermessence Ambre Narguilé, both initiatlly favoured by me, now just provoking an allergy-like rejection. Without any allergy, I declare Farmacia's wonder cat enthusiastically as my new amber reference. Rrrrawr!!
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7.5 7.5 10.0/10

88 Reviews
Very helpful Review    12
A cult amber
Over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to write a review of Ambra Nera. But this luxurious fragrance has so many facets I wasn’t able to cobble together a coherent train of thought. Tune your nose to any aspect of this little known gem and it becomes a completely different experience. With that, I decided to throw in the towel and simply list my impressions of Ambra Nera as bullet points:

-If you’re looking for a gourmand amber…
Ambra Nera has an opulent, intoxicating vanilla accord. And I mean intoxicating. I often wear Ambra Nera like a shot of vanilla valium when I want to relax. I smell that deep, incense tinged vanilla and all physical tension evaporates in a swirling amber cloud.

-If you’re looking for an unusual animalic amber…
Ambra Nera has a warm, sweet, yet understated animalic accord. I’m guessing it’s a sweet castor essence. Whatever it is, when I wear Ambra Nera I often have the impression of being enrobed in a warm, luxurious fur. If you’ve ever smelled a mink coat you’ll know what I mean.

-If you’re looking for an amber perfume with an usual note that fits harmoniously with the rest of the perfume…
Ambra Nera is fairly sweet but that’s balanced by a camphorous eucalyptus note. It’s far from prominent but it keeps this voluptuous fragrance open and vaporous as well as providing a touch of overall contrast. Without it, Ambra Nera would tip over into syrupy sweet. Also, I occasionally experience the eucalyptus in concert with the resinous base notes which gives an impression of sweet terpenes found in oil varnishes.

-If you’re looking for an amber incense without the intrusion of an acrid smoke note …
Ambra Nera is tinged with an understated, incense smokiness that balances perfectly with the rest of the fragrance. Tune your nose the right way and the incense notes produce that "medieval church accord" so many people enjoy. In that sense, there is an aura about this perfume that makes me imagine it was created from a very old formula; like it actually dates back to the founding of Farmacia Santissima Annunziata in 1561. Of course, it’s not that old, but there is something of an old soul to Ambra Nera.

-If you’re looking for an amber that will be a distinctive, individual fragrance…
The Swedish website Parfumistan’s Blogg calls Ambra Nera a “cult amber.” In a way, I hope it maintains its cult status. After all, isn’t it nice to find a little known fragrance that conveys something unique about your personality? Since ambers have become so ubiquitous (yes, Sherapop is absolutely right, amber fragrances should be a separate genre) it’s nice to find one that is distinctive and remains a bit of a secret. Every amber lover should try Ambra Nera. Well, maybe not too many of you…
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Cumulnimbus 3 years ago
Unique, complex, dense, obscure, dusty, silghtly animalic and completely addictive+3

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