Nero Incenso (2014) Eau de Parfum

Nero Incenso (Eau de Parfum) by Farmacia SS. Annunziata
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Nero Incenso (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is resinous-woody. It is still in production.

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Top Notes Top NotesOrange, Bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesBasil, Coriander, Tolu balm
Base Notes Base NotesRosewood, Frankincense



6.8 (24 Ratings)


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7.1 (19 Ratings)
Submitted by Bertel, last update on 30.05.2019
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Who torched Rome, huh? Speak up!
Hello and have a nice evening, everybody. Tonight I'm describing a Farmacia SS fragrance. Annunziata. It's about the Nero Incenso fragrance. So, with Nero I have to think again and again of Emperor Nero who, according to rumours, had the city of Rome set on fire and then sang about the demise of Troy on a tower, which is supposed to underline his alleged madness (nevertheless, you all of course think ME is crazier... so typical, tss...!). Of course, they are all rumours, but all this was so long ago that truths and rumours are certainly a little mixed up, but rumours are very persistent and last for centuries, if not millennia.

Also here on Parfumo there are certainly rumours, which one should not believe rather. For example, it says here that a fragrance would smell better if you shaken the bottle vigorously before spraying! D
No, that was a joke, don't do that. Not because it would harm the scent, but because you, as I know you, are definitely the madcap and would fly out of your hands shaking the bottle :DD

But let's get to the fragrance before one of them comes up with the idea to prove to me that she's not clumsy!

The fragrance:
I smell resinous incense at the beginning, then generally smoky notes (a coincidence, because the scent is called Nero?? :D) and sweet scents, which can probably be assigned to the resins. Woody scents are also added quickly. I can hardly perceive the top note listed because I smell neither oranges nor bergamot. When I concentrate and try to perceive something citric among all the powdery resinous scents, with a little imagination you could actually smell something citric, but it can also be that it just seems like that.
The fragrance also has a "burning" aftertaste, although glowing is the better expression, as it smells more like embers, which is "caused" by the smoky notes. I find that interesting in itself, but it may be that some might feel as if the smell of the smoke/fire has settled on the clothes, which is not always so great.
Much later the fragrance is still smoky and resinous, but now also much softer and warmer, which is due to the already gentle resins (like benzoin), but also because the initially more crisp fragrances now lose a little intensity. However, the olfactory scent hardly changes and the base smells powdery-sweet all the time.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is above average, whereby I imagined the smell a little more intensively due to the fiery smoky notes. But it is enough to be able to smell the scent well without having to get too close. The shelf life is okay, the fragrance lasts about six hours. Although it can still be smelled afterwards, but then only very close to the body.

The bottle:
The black bottle is rectangular and slightly arched upwards at the top. The front side is printed with a complicated logo, around which the fragrance mark and the date and place of foundation are placed in a circle. Below you can see the name of the fragrance. The lid is shiny black and cylindrical. Everything's okay, but no high flyer in terms of design.

So this was Nero Incenso. Since the scent was smoky and also smouldering, I think that with Nero you actually thought of Kaiser Nero instead of Neroli or something like that :D
The fragrance may smell mainly of resinous incense with sweet powdery scents, but it also has this special leg note that smells of glow or mica and smoke. I don't think that's bad, but I think there are some nicer smoke and fire scents, like By the Fireplace from the Replica series (which of course is also a matter of taste).

The scent is quite autumnal and could be used carefully as an unusual scent e.g. for leisure time, at work I would use it less, because otherwise everyone might think that charcoal was fired shortly before and the smoke would have settled on the hair and clothing :D

Yes, as I said, the fragrance is special, but it is definitely a test value, especially for people who want to smell something different. I have to disagree a little with some of the previous speakers, because I couldn't smell chlorine from the scent here, but as always one thing is true here: Perceptions can always be different, so don't complain if the scent should smell of chlorine for you :D

So, that was it again from me and I wish you all a nice evening :)

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