Ferrari Uomo (2009)Eau de Toilette

Ferrari Uomo (Eau de Toilette) by Ferrari
Bottle Design Thierry de Baschmakoff
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7.5 / 10     59 RatingsRatingsRatings
Ferrari Uomo (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Ferrari for men and was released in 2009. The scent is leathery-woody. It was last marketed by Perfume Holding.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Juniper berry, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesLeather, Nutmeg, Virginia cedar
Base Notes Base NotesLabdanum, Patchouli, Tonka bean



7.5 (59 Ratings)


7.2 (45 Ratings)


6.3 (43 Ratings)


7.9 (59 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is model Sergio Pankov, photographed by Robert Wyatt.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.0/10

250 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
The "Cavallino Rampante" leathery and woody scent all around fragrance
Ferrari Uomo is a good creemy leather EDT.
It opens citrus fresh and a bit green (probably due to the Juniper note) and then you get the density of the leather spiced by the nutmeg and some woodsy notes.
The dry down is nice d as well and very "Morillas". You can still feel the leather in the dry down (probably the resudual leather note emphasized by the labdanum note) but the tonka (not very sweet) note dominates. Patchouli fits very well in the dry down helping the woodsy scent to remain present.
The leather note is particulary pleasant. Ferrari Leather Essence also presents the same type of pleasant note although stronger. I assume that the ingredients used are carefully choosen and present a high quality control. They smell like the new leather car seats in a Ferrari sports car.

Before I blind bought this fragrance (a bargain for €11.00 / 75 ml) I was a bit concerned by reviewers claiming the strong resemblance with Fahrenheit... I hate Fahrenheightdue to its gasoline opening! Although I am a fan of leathery scents, the gasoline scent in Fahrenheit makes me puke. With Ferrari Uomo you also get a faint vibe of motor racing - a very faint vibe of burned motor oil and tyres. This vibe is a plus and I enjoy it.

Rating for Ferrari Uomo:
Scent Opening: 7.5 (very Morillas).
Scent Drydown: 7.0 (nice but low sillage and projection).
Longevity: 7.0 (somewhat below average).
Sillage: 6.0 (bellow average).
Versatility: 8.0 (as an almost subtle fragrance it's quite adequated for office and day wear).
Wearability: 8.0 (low during Winter, high in Spring and Autumn and medium during the Summer; avoid extreme heat or cold).
Uniqueness: 6.5 (similar to Fahrenheit without the gasoline top vibe, Fahrenheit Summer, Mercedes-Benz Intense, Bora Bora Exotic, and Lucky Number 6 to name just a few fragrances).
Compliments: 6.0 (Agreable, a bit on the subtle side and not really a compliment magnet. It does not offend anybody as well).
Quality: 8.0 (kudos for the ingredients quality, but under average performance).
Price: 10.0 (a bargain for €11.00, tester 75 ml flask).
Presentation: 8.0 (very nice flask, juice color, cap and sprayer; very elegant).

Average: 7.45/10.00
Ferrari Uomo is not a masterpiece or a shining star. But it's is a good and safe versatile fragrance. It's the type of fragrance that pleases everyone. Do wear it in any season, day or night.
It's not even OK for clubbing or night out, but it may be weared almost everywhere else. Avoid places situations where you may swet.
Ferrari Uomo is clearly not a top choice of mine. I know that I am going to use it sometimes, but I don't intend to buy another bottle.
Do I recommend it? Not really, unless you are a Fahrenheit addict and you fancy an inexpensive look alike backup without the petrol vibe opening.

Music: "Libiamo..." from Verdi's "La Traviata", and sung by Luciano Pavarotti.
9.0 4.0 7.0 8.5/10

262 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
It is quite animalic but also creamy and a touch sweet
Ferrari Uomo is one of the best cheap blind buys I ever made. It is a floral leather scent that's essentially a distant relative of Dior Fahrenheit. Anyway, if you like Ferrari Uomo, by all means, buy it. It's a good scent that's truly great value for money. Just do it with your eyes open.

The fragrance opens with Sicilian lemon, juniper berries and Calabrian bergamot, all of them are from the south of Italy. Although there is plenty of citrus notes, I can barely get them. I was quite surprised to not smell any of the citrus notes throughout its lifespan on my skin. Aromatic juniper stands definitely over them dominating the scene.

The heart introduces leather, nutmeg and cedar notes. After the initial 5 minutes, the leather kicks in and that's when this is a beauty. The wood lingers around at the back but the leather is prominent. When I say 'prominent', I don't at all mean it in a bad way. But you have to like leather note in a cologne to like this one. It is raw, wild, like a horse's saddle. It is quite animalic but also creamy and a touch sweet, perhaps both due to the tonka beans.

The base is an off-dry patchouli, rich and dark, with sweet and ambery tonka, that is quite pleasant if nothing special, but the long lasting leathery middle is what dominates in this scent.
The comparisons with Christian Dior Fahrenheit are reasonable but to me seem exaggerated. Ferrari Uomo lacks the violet and petrol notes and has much more animalic leather. However, in the heart there are some faces that are common in both.

Overall, Uomo is a sophisticated/classic fragrance best used for a fall romantic evening at a classy establishment or for a mature gentleman at work or leisure. It's amazing.
7.5 7.0/10

220 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
Visiting the Pit Lane
I really would like to know who bought the licence to sell perfume under the name Ferrari. The perfumer is Alberto Morillas whose name also stands for a huge load of other mainstream fragrances, such as CK One, but also YSL's M7!

The fragrance starts quite intense with citric, fresh but also green notes – so, nothing special at first. But then it is getting interesting. Some light spices come into view, and also some floral notes – though they should not be in there according to the scent pyramid. Anyway, it reminds me a bit of the spicy-floral Insensé by Givenchy. Or does my nose betray me?

There is a relation to car races. Very weak, at first, but then stronger, there is something like a car tyre accord – about the style of rubber note that is so characteristic for the head of Bvlgari's Black. If this is the denoted leather note, then this is a very special kind of leather or suede. Together with the floral-spicy heart it forms the topic of this fragrance. Not the worst idea for a racing car perfume. In opposite to the Bvlgari fragrance, here the rubber-suede accord lasts considerably longer, although it is not that distinct.

Ferrari Uomo is quite balanced. On one side Ferrari Uomo borrows some elegance from classic lightly spiced gents' fragrances, on the other side, with its tar and rubber appeal there is a very visible link to the events in the racing stables during a Formula 1 race – what a beautiful contrast!

Generally, I find it a bit silly if people wear the clothes or buy other accessories of a sports club or brand. If I come across such a product as a fragrance, I do not expect much. However I was all the more pleased by the concept of this fragrance. And the quality is just okay – it is not too rough.

If you like the top note of Bvlgari Black, but feel sorry for its quick disappearance, then Ferrari Uomo might be the more sustainable alternative for you.
1 Replies
10.0 7.5 7.5 9.0/10

37 Reviews
It Wins The Race
Its good perfume, The projection is good. Longevity is pretty good. Its soft 7 smooth. I Like it. This is best for office use. Its different from other Ferrari Perfumes. Ya u can try.
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Carlitos01 7 months ago
With Ferrari Uomo you get a vibe of motor racing - a very faint scent of burned motor oil and tyres. This vibe is a plus and I enjoy it.+4
Elysium 3 years ago
If fall were a scent it'd be Ferrari Uomo. It's like a leather saddle full of manly juniper and dirty patchouli. I'm so in love with it!+4

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