Unum - Opus 1144 by Filippo Sorcinelli

Unum - Opus 1144 2015

29.10.2020 - 01:24 PM

Not so dark after all...

A very comfortable perfume which reminds me of Kismet and Shalimar.
The difference being Kismet is more dense because of the opoponax and Shalimar has a prominent leather note, while the leather in Opus 1144 is buried far in the background .
I must have bought the reformulation, because it does not at all feel dark to me.
Luckily I do not mind, I love this perfume; it could be my go-to for every day, summer to winter and back to summer again.
It feels like an airy lighthearted oriental, caused by the prominent bergamot and the iris.

Highly recommended.

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