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Tane is a perfume by Florascent for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Submitted by Daisy, last update on 31.05.2020.
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The Japanese Forest?
Good evening to you all! The fragrance "Tane" here is one of the fragrances from the Japanese Florascent fragrance series, of which I have introduced some here (like Hana, Iki, Ki and Shibui). Tane is the name of a historical province in Japan that consisted of the islands Tanegashima and Yakushima, which today belong to the Kagoshima Prefecture. Tane was considered a very fertile place, where mainly gardenias, seafood and rushes were produced.

Japan seems to represent its own world anyway, whose traditions not only seem strange to us, but also interesting, sometimes even peculiar. And I think that these fragrances here were an attempt by Florascent to bring us a little bit closer to the Japanese flair olfactorically. If it worked, everyone has to decide for himself, because I don't know Japan very well... um... and revealing animes (Japanese cartoons) don't count,... and just don't say anything now, because you probably know a few movies about it, you perverts... uh... you freaks! :D

Soo, then I'll come to the scent!

The fragrance:
I smell resinous incense as well as unidentifiable, but soft and thus beautiful spices. Balsamic notes make the fragrance even more pleasant. In addition, there is a beautiful pine scent with the corresponding woody notes.
The scent smells quite natural and also a little bit like ethereal oils and has become in my opinion despite the spartan scent notes a clearly more complex scent than the even more simply advised, other scents of this scent series And that's it, too. There is nothing more to say about the fragrance! Nice smelling, but pretty simple!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Even if you can smell the incense quite well at the beginning, of course it will fade away at some point, but it is generally much stronger than the other fragrances in this series, which hardly means anything, since this fragrance is also relatively weak and could really only be perceived at close range. And also the shelf life is only a few hours (two or three maximum, if at all...).

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has a thick glass bottom and thicker edges. The label is brown to match the woody scent character, and the scented liquid also looks beautiful with its amber look. The lid is cylindrical and chrome-plated and a small loop or rope was attached to the neck.

So, Tane has become quite a nice fir scent, which combines fir and frankincense well and smells nicely resinous. He may not be too strong now, but his Sillage is still sufficient to be able to smell him a little from up close. Especially if you use the scent for your own enjoyment, the charisma is quite sufficient.

From the smell it is in my opinion an autumn smell, but would disappear outside with the cold fast. Therefore it is well suited as a nice home-at-home fragrance, whereby it could also cut a good figure in the office, especially because it probably wouldn't have to bother anyone. So you can test it.
I'll end here and wish you all a nice weekend. Enjoy the weather, because next week it'll be hotter than hell, so you'll have to struggle through the day instead of enjoying the weather... *sigh*... I think I'll lock myself in the cooler basement for a week... and watch... animes or something... :DDD

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