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Honey Oud by Floris
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Honey Oud is a popular perfume by Floris for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.
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Top Notes Top NotesEnglish honey, Bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesOud, Rose, Patchouli
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Labdanum, Oud, Vanilla



8.1 (98 Ratings)


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Very helpful Review    12  
the light becomes softer, golden
Our swifts are already gone. In the last weeks they were very anxious to teach the boys, who hatched only this year, how to fly: this didn't happen without a lot of excited chirping from the whole Mauersegler family and also a little excitement on my part.
Not quite "ready to land" yet," the small claws always scratched the fresh aluminium attic of the roof to find support. Luckily the little guys managed to land again and again.
Now all that remains is to wish them a safe journey!
And of course to wait for the coming year, the end of May.

The late summer sneaks in on quiet soles; in the morning it is dark longer: the nights become cooler again. After this summer a welcome encore.
Even here in the city many things are slowly turning brown, red and golden. The wine on the old buildings begins to blush and also the firm big sunflowers on the farm reminded me this morning already of Erich Kästner's "August":
"Sunflowers, lush, blond and brown,
with veils on his face, looking like a woman,
who make a trip to the capital."
Where do you like to travel?

There is no denying it: a slight touch of transience is palpable.
Not only in nature, but also with me: the slightly autumnal melancholy comes from time to time - often for no reason at all, and even the skin feels thinner!
It's time to make the evenings and clothing a little cosy and warm: candles, a light blanket and scent!

So "Honey Oud" from "Hofparfumer" Floris is most welcome to me, who may call "Perfumer to HM The Queen Elizabeth II".
This interesting company story is also told by Bettina de Cosnac in the book "Parfum Frauen in der Welt der Frafte" (Perfume Women in the World of Fragrances), which I have mentioned so often.
(By the way, she is also a Berliner who is married to a French count and now lives near Paris.
Her visit to the local French grammar school opened the right way for her.)

The mere colour of the liquid in this noble bottle creates a feeling of pleasant warmth.
The golden honey, here nourished very special by the flora of the not exactly squeamish island climate, is very welcome in its spice.
Bergamot provides a classic antithesis to the creamy honey note, before it continues slightly rustic, even pastoral.
A strong breath of English country air pervades this so far civilized creature - amazing and yet extremely interesting.
A rose garden shares Patchouli's sensual glow with the task of smoothing out our somewhat frightened sensations and bringing them into a beautiful harmonious flow.
This course of the fragrance should be enjoyed sensitively, because for the base note the Royal Perfumers have come up with some special fragrances.
Labdanum: what would these "creators of fragrances" do without the spicy resin of cistus? The scent world would be a little emptier without this resistant plant; maybe even more boring?
In "Honey Oud" now Labdanum and Amber meet; the already golden honey scent sparkles!
Musk and vanilla, both quite idiosyncratic, but add a wonderful warmth here:
You close a fragrance circle skillfully, which receives at the end once again a slightly animal touch!

So this balsamic English fragrance wonder is not only noble and warm, rustic and fragrant: it is also surprisingly sensual!
A sensuality that I would not have expected from the "cool English" to serve a cliché.
Here they probably grabbed one of the treasure chests, which the old seafarers still brought from far away.
One remembered the mysterious abundance of the Orient!

The pleasant and protective warmth that "Honey Oud" gives me accompanies me for a few hours with a beautiful fragrance. The temptation to spray is quite big anyway: what you get here is already a real "nose flatterer"!
A suitable companion for the late summer and early autumn I have probably found with this smell.
So it only remains to say with Rainer Maria Rilke:
"Lord, it's time! The summer was very big..."
7 Replies
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Very helpful Review    9  
Don't drop the honey!
Ah, yes, honey. Also called "food of the gods" (not to be confused with... food of the gods! :D) by the ancient Egyptians and nowadays also known as "liquid gold", this food seems to please almost everybody, interestingly enough the ladies more than the gentlemen.

But the handling is actually more complicated than you think. Once thickly spread on bread, it lies on the slice of bread as a viscous and above all mobile mass. As soon as one holds the bread in a wrong angle, a part of the honey already makes itself out of the dust and flows down unhindered, what is specially so annoying because it is also so sticky that one could use it as super glue, specially if it falls on textiles, argh! D

If only it didn't taste so good! But also the scent is often very beautiful and it is used in many different kinds of fragrances. Whether as a pure, sweetish honey scent or as a spicy scent that takes some getting used to, as in the Angel scents from Mugler, there is actually something for every taste. Now I come to another honey scent, this time from Floris. And yes, I can spoil you right away: This scent also smells quite delicious!
The smell:
The name is actually program, because you can smell sweetish tasty honey and oud right at the beginning, whereas the oud is a bit stronger. After that you soon smell the patchouli, which seems to go well with the oud.
Over time the oud weakens a little and then shines with the same intensity as the honey, so that you can smell the honey and the oud better.
By the way, the roses make the honey look like rose honey instead of, for example, blossom honey, which I would have preferred, but of course the smell is not bad!
Later on, the scent is still as described, but it seems as if the honey decreases more and more from the base, so that then the oud can be smelled more clearly than the sticky liquid. Musk is added, so that the scent remains (dark) sweetish.
In the very late base, however, the fragrance no longer smells of honey at all, but more of "normal" woody notes together with oud and with a now rather low sweetness.

The Sillage and the durability:
The Sillage is very good, you will certainly leave a good scent cloud for a while if you spray yourself strongly!
The shelf life is quite long and therefore lasts from morning to evening without weakening quickly.

The bottle! The bottle is rectangular, with the upper edges sloping slightly upwards towards the neck. It is filled with an amber-coloured fragrance liquid. The black label on the front has a thick, ornate gold rim, and the fragrance name and logos are also gold-plated. The cylindrical lid is also gold-plated, which looks like a small column and has the brand name written on it once again. A nice flacon that would have come across a little simpler without the label.

Hmmm, so I'm pretty sure that you ladies must like the scent quite a bit, if you also like honey. It smells good, has a nice charisma and therefore lasts a long time. But of course it's not for spring or summer, it's more of an autumn and winter scent.

Since it is already quite heavy, you should not exaggerate with the dosage, especially if you want to use the fragrance not for going out but also during the day. Otherwise, I think this scent belongs to the really well made honey scents, which is really worth a look, because it is well made, i.e. the honey is not bitingly spicy and also the oud is not oppressively strong as in some scents.

Well, what else can you say about honey? Well, there's this joke from the endless line of Chuck Norris jokes:
"Chuck Norris doesn't eat honey, he chews bees!"
Well, SO real guys eat honey :DD

Okay, that one might not have worked out so well... whatever. The main thing is that you don't let the honey drip into the carpet or something,... because you know that with toast or bread it always falls with the side of the topping on the floor :D
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