Santal / Eau de Santal (Eau de Toilette) by Floris

Santal Eau de Santal 2002 Eau de Toilette

14.10.2015 - 04:27 AM
Helpful Review

~ Charming Brit ~

A review and thank-you for those who suggested this stunning sandalwood and subtle spice scent. I rate this handsome Brit in the same elite league as other masterpieces on my shelf such as Endymion, Lumiere Noire, Gris Clair etc. Charismatic and bright in his brief sparkling citrus and bergamot greeting. A charming guest with a soft sandal and tastefully sweet vanilla in his company your nose will linger a long time. Never cloying keeping the right amount of clove and enviable natural spice of interest in his gentlemanly sillage. Often compared to another nineties classic this to my nose resembles a more refined cousin to the classic Italian D&G PH and that is a true perfume compliment to both! I admire scents such as this that are both discreet in their presence but still so very confident in the image they project. This is a genuine must have oriental in any sophisticated gents wardrobe.
Kind Regards, Plat ~
Score - Yes, 10/10 for my taste.

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