Coyote (Perfume Oil) by For Strange Women

Coyote Perfume Oil

18.09.2015 - 01:31 AM

An Earthen Forest

Yes, Coyote is a linear scent. This will scare some of you away, so for those of you still in the audience, come closer and fill up those empty seats! Now, it is a linear scent, but it's a good one. Coyote is a woodsy/resiny/oily thing. The wood/resin is pine and pine sap - aromatic and bracing, yet not so sharp as say Onyx or Lowe Seven. The oily part is something earthy, grounding, and if I had to guess, probably the patchouli in action. The accords fuse in such a way that I couldn't tell them apart, but the bay leaf may be part of the piney aromatic nature. At any rate, Coyote starts with a 6" projection and dims to a few inches in six hours. It lasts a good seven hours plus, and never frays apart into constituent components like some fragrances. I can't see most women enjoying this, but I expect it would work differently for them. In general, all those who favor the more aggressive or mysterious side of perfume would be comfortable here. Recommended.
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