23.06.2022 - 04:48 PM

Fresh, fruity, sweet, floral--nuanced intersection of styles

Honiara is one of the three newest releases from Fort & Manle, a sweet, fresh, citrus/floral blend involving vanilla, juniper, citruses, oakmoss, patchouli, and frangipani. As with most of the line, it’s balanced without being too overpowering in any one respect. I find that it has subtle and agreeable qualities, also, a pleasant intersection of a few different categories. The fragrance seems intended to conjure and island setting, and the experience of wearing it as a bit transporting. As with All the Queen’s Men, another new release, there is a bit of a nectar-like quality to it, but while ATQM pivots to spices, resins, and dried fruits, Honiara gravitates towards fresh fruits and florals.

Its performance is somewhat worse than ATQM, but still at least moderate, I’d say, which makes for a tougher sell at the price point. Still, the scent is lovely, somewhat unique, and well put together, on par with ATQM in terms of scent quality and utility.

Honiara, like every fragrance in the current lineup, is priced at $250 for 50ml, in EDP concentration, and is sold in the US by Luckyscent and Tigerlily.

8 out of 10
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