Late Harvest by Fort & Manlé

Late Harvest 2022

24.06.2022 - 08:07 PM

Sweet, woody, spicy---autumn, bottled.

Late Harvest is one of the three recent releases from Fort & Manle, a sweet and spicy mix that does fittingly smell like a fall harvest, with listed notes of cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, cedar, rosewood, and rose, though I definitely get a bit of apple, particularly in the opening, in the same sort of color palette. Very nicely done, a good sweet and spicy mix that’s not a huge from All the Queen’s Men, another recent release, performs roughly in the middle between All the Queen’s Men (best) and Honiara (worst) of the three, though all three are decent, neither bad nor especially great, in terms of performance.

Late Harvest does foster a fall/autumn vibe, specifically, though, which, while there are not very spicy notes, the cherry wood aroma created by the mix of cedar, cherry pipe tobacco, and rosewood, does remind me of that time of year, especially. It’s overall a really lovely scent, and caps off a great new trio from this house that really never seems to miss.

The line’s new pricing is $250 for 50ml, in new presentation, with all of the fragrances, including Late Harvest, having the same bottle cost. In the US, the line is sold at Luckyscent and Ministry of Scent (aka Tigerlily Perfumery).

8 out of 10
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