Belle Chérie 2012 Eau de Toilette

Belle Chérie (Eau de Toilette) by Fragonard
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Belle Chérie (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Fragonard for women and was released in 2012. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by Clarissa, last update on 30.10.2020.
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Artificial cherries don't have to be bad!
Hu hu their scent enthusiasts freaks who know nothing else in life but scents and only scents. Or make-up. Or chocolate. Or... well... maybe you know some things :D

In any case, welcome to another Fragonard comment from me, you know you made the mistake of sending me the hiking package, so I'm flooding you with even more commis than I already do! This time it is about the fragrance with the delicious sounding name "Belle Chérie". But don't worry, this is first and foremost my penultimate commi... well, at least as far as the Fragonard scents go. D

So, this fragrance is one of those fragrances that you either like or don't like at all. Because it is very sweet and also synthetic. But he's not really bad and it may well be that he might even please some of you quite well. Anyway, here's my description of the scent.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins synthetically sweet and smells of jasmine and some cinnamon, but mainly of much, much jasmine. I hardly smell the pineapple indicated, at most it was only hinted at (or I simply don't notice it).
A little later, the fragrance remains sweet, but becomes a little heavier. It smells then also easily after almonds, so that this should come from the heliotrope, since heliotrope always has a mandelige "aftertaste". By the way, the fragrance is also fruity. Probably I only smell the starfruit, I'm not sure here, because it's not stated otherwise, but the fruity part smells like cherries to me (or as I sometimes write here: after these tasty mussels with cherry taste!).
Even towards the end, the fragrance smells mainly sweet, but gradually loses a little of its fruity radiance. One still smells a little jasmine on sweet notes, but now more heliotrope and above all a great tonka bean/vanilla mix, which makes the fragrance a little more powdery.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is very strong, as it smells very intense with only a few sprayers and also fills the room. In my opinion, this charisma lasts for some time, so that for a while you leave a larger scent everywhere. Strange that most people here think that the fragrance is a little weaker, ... but it may be that some simply smell or radiate something different. By the way, my shelf life was also quite good with more than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is, as always, cylindrical with a pressed-in bottom, where a kind of star-shaped pattern has also been worked into the glass (at least this is what it looks like in the photos). The label has a chrome frame and shows pink flowers. The lid has the brand name engraved and is round on the upper side. The bottle is generally not soo very beautiful, but it is also not ugly straight.

Sooo, first of all: Yes, the fragrance is quite synthetic. You notice that immediately and I don't want to downplay that either. However, I think it's not so disturbing, because it's not synthetic in a cheap and disturbing way now, but smells like a well made, typically sweet mainstreamer, which smells with its fruity notes even quite similar to some well-known scents of Dior or Guerlain.

Sure, this fragrance (or that of Dior and Guerlain) is not for everyone, but it smells "delicious" and is for me a nice night out/evening fragrance, which is also great for celebrating, because it comes across sexy and very feminine and almost belongs to the fragrances where I let go of my typical sayings here. You know, sayings like bite, tasty... well, you know how my lyrics are structured:

- A phrase where I write tasty
- A sentence where I call ladies beasts
- A sentence where I describe the fragrance as sexy
- Another sentence where I write something with bite or something like that :D
And... Well, how do you say it so nicely: If you know a comment from DonJuanDeCat, you know them all! *sigh* :DD

Anyway, I'll just keep writing here and keep getting on your nerves, but I can recommend this fragrance for testing, because it's really not that bad. Anyone who doesn't like sugar-sweet-fruity fragrances should rather avoid this fragrance. The time to wear it would otherwise be autumn and winter, since it also has a stronger sillage, which could possibly crush in summer... well, as I said, not everyone will like it, but I didn't think it was bad and I think that it could especially please the younger ones.

So that's it again. I wish you all a nice evening, until the next time :)
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Fruits and Santal with Vanilla
There is nothing interesting to write about "Belle Chérie". I tested it blind as usual. I did not fail in perceiving an anything at all fruit scent with the creaminess of santal and an indifferent vanilla note.
After testing I saw the listet: Vanilla, tonka bean and heliotrope. Well tonka and heliotrope are smelling a good deal like vanilla. So they listet three for one artificial vanilla-note. That is OK so far.
"Belle Chérie" has finished its developement within the first 5 minutes after applying and is not changing during its long lasting endurance. Also the sillage is steadily keeping its average. "Belle Chérie" is not very sweed, a little bit pungent. And well, the flowers, where are they? I did not smell any which I consicer as positive. Jasmin and lilly of the valley would not suit to the slightly sour fruits anyhow. But this is only my opinion.

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