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Angel's Dust by Francesca Bianchi
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Angel's Dust is a popular perfume by Francesca Bianchi for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-powdery. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Black pepper, Mimosa, Rose, Iris, Musk, Mysore sandalwood, Tolu balm, Benzoin, Vanilla



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339 Reviews
Bianchi & iris
These days is all about iris on my olfactory story. This is an iris with all the FB character which makes It amazing. Angels dust is an extrait un capitales. The iris comes with a very nice balsámic mix un company wchich gives deepness and density yo the perfume. For me is like Bois d'argent by Dior with the intensity increases 10 times. Yesterday i have been trying iris fauve by atelier d'or and It shares aldo some feeling with It but with the typical sweet and animal franc acá base. This is not the typical iris perfume subtle and discreet... This is to say i am hete and turno heads. A bianchi of the BEST iris but nevera a typical one...very different very Francesca...

Scent: 10
Longevity: 9
Sillage: 7
Quality price: 7
Versatility: 6
Originality: 9
Global: 9.5
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Glossy Pictures, Francesca and the Beatles
Like when you're in the attic
the promising astronomy
search for nothing,
before the sun goes down.
Not the big car,
Venus, Mars or Snickers -
as they are not visible anyway,
because it's still daylight.

And what do you care
ever the stars,
if they don't shine on you?
Promising, my ass.

And then how do you
but unexpectedly you discover something:
namely this old casket.
And if you should guess,
what's in it,
would you at best
the old glossy pictures expect.

That had been swapped
with his girlfriend from childhood,
Gabriele, the pudgy one
with the big legs,
that always smelled a little like kitchen.
Glossy pictures, silver glittering,
that were actually just for girls
and smell of old paper.

Not to mention the poetry album:
"There shall be love in all four corners..."
was to be read -and:
"The bird that sings in the morning,
the cat fetches him in the evening".
Cat fur, animal hair, bird feathers.

Or an old 45 single maybe,
if you're lucky "Something"
by the Beatles,
that was long considered lost... autograph from Rosi Mittermaier,
"Rosi, Rosi, once again"
it was so beautiful...

And as you then
by the way,
covered in crumpled,
skin-coloured tissue paper
the long since dried to dust,
decayed summer chamomile meadow flower bouquet
from the summer of the century 1978

The pictures are coming,
and suddenly you remember:
on a very warm day,
it may have been in August,
and everyone was around you,
played hide and seek or catch.
When the time came,
to find a scapegoat,
you were the first choice.

Without even knowing it,
what self-optimization means -
was there even a word like that ? -
you already have any drive at that time

For example, if someone called:
"Who wants all the ice cream?"
you turned around asking,
who could be meant everything,
and when you were timid and finally
the hand up,
all the ice was already distributed.
Bleeding heart and all...

Therefore, with Magnum or Cornetto
you could never start anything.
Langnese: summer tastes like this.
Do you remember last year,
a sunbeam, and it was there.

Ah, I digress.

So, what did we have -
dried flowers, summer, 1978.
Gabriele and the Beatles.
And a flimsy one, too,
cream-coloured summer sweater
with golden stars of lurex on it
and the stroke "Hippie Love".

A very light and now
almost flown away welding odour
lies gently above -
And to top it all off, the domestic cat had
on everything.
What was her name - no matter.

Powder on it, the blessing of the Lord with it,
dare what - just do ´mal,
from an angel
Stardust in the face
Eyes closed and through.
I say ´mal.
Well done.
Würd´ich ´mal say...

What's that,
if you look closely,
someone must have given for an effort,
to get all this so, all those years.
With a patience of an angel
and the view for the whole.

I think it was Francesca Bianchi.

Where does such action lead,
Do and let in?
That is one of the open questions.
Is it composed from the first moment,
or left to chance.
When you start,
to ask such questions,
you can also ask right away:
Isn't that all a lie, all these years?

last year,
remember... you remember,
a sunbeam,
and he was there.

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TombbbTombbb 5 months ago
This might sound weird, but for the whole opening all I could smell was dill. Then it became more flowery, but the start is a disappointment
EmorandeiraEmorandeira 8 months ago
Very Deep and intense iris perfume with the typical balsámic & animalic vibe of FB fragrances. Not subtle, not discreet... To turn heads!

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