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The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi
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The Dark Side is a popular perfume by Francesca Bianchi for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Honey, Spices, Iris, Violet, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Amber, Styrax, Frankincense, Patchouli, Vanilla



8.3 (110 Ratings)


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7.6 (89 Ratings)
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7.0 8.0 9.0 8.5/10

40 Reviews
Dark Side
Notes: Honey, Spicy Notes, Iris, Violet, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver, Amber, Styrax, Incense, Patchouli and Vanilla

Gorgeous and Sexy Fragrance.
From the opening till the drydown this is just lovely. This is not dark at all. Incense, Honey, Styrax, Iris, Patchouli and Sandalwood are done perfectly.

Just a gorgeous fragrance.
9.0 9.0 10.0 8.0/10

141 Reviews
Honey masterpiece
A new masterpiece by Francesca bianchi that i can try. For me all the perfume goes around two notes: a sweet and very powerful honey and a very balsámic and balanced incense. This gives to the fragance a high deepness and intensity. Un the background the powdery power of iris and Violet and a sweet Woody vibe with the sandakwood, the cedarwood and the vanilla. The fragance is similar to other Francesca bianchi fragances, with a very high quality, a beast performance and a very oily texture which indicates the high concentration of esence It has (careful if It touch your clothes!). My favourite perfume by this House is still sex & the sea but this is a very good competitor. As most francesca's perfumes It has a very sweet vibe (vanilla, honey...) Blended with dark, dirty and animalic tones (honey, styrax, incense...). The longevity is...eternal and the sillage is so good. Be careful with the number of sprays you use because you could intoxicate everybody around... This scent is a bit intrusive ☺️ so i think It is better yo wear It at night, with not very warm temperatures. During the day Avoid to stay much time on Closed áreas because It fills a room un minutes.
As i said before un my FB sex & the sea has the first posición but the second is for sure for this gem.

Scent: 8
Longevity: 10
Sillage: 9
Quality/price: 6
Versatility: 5
Originality: 7
Global: 9
8.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    19
powerful darkness with golden glow
Of course I immediately remember "The dark Side of Might", the dark side of power from "Starwars".
But right after that Martin Suter's novel "The dark side of the moon" follows.

If in "Starwars" the dark is equated with evil, Suters business lawyer Urs Blank shows how relatively quickly a socially conforming lawyer can get "on the dark side" (not only of the moon) through dramatic personality changes As is so often the case, the Swiss author succeeds in taking us into areas we would rather not know about, but which also seem very fascinating.
Reading his books is always worthwhile.

Francesca Bianchi's "The Dark Side" also leads us into a heavy, deep scent darkness, which however soon shows that one is not worth much without the other.
Darkness needs light to demonstrate its power. The dark alone is worth nothing, it cannot compete with the light to position itself impressively and possibly even frightening!

Darker aromas, such as vetiver and here also cedar wood, are quickly accompanied by iris and violet, which are almost too shy.
These two make the prelude more velvety, powdery, until - according to my nose - "ordinary" kitchen spices (such as nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and perhaps even a hint of pepper) settle comfortably on this dark plush scent cushion.
They form the vanguard for a generous dose of creamy honey: the first golden light shows up in the dark wort.
Sandalwood, on the other hand, adds depth and awakens the senses.
This then caresses a warm-hearted vanilla, which also brings fragrance-related styrax resins with a slight liquorice/smoke note to support it.
Before a huge portion of incense can give this fragrance being too "Dark Power", golden-brown patchouli currents will run through this creation - it begins to shimmer.
A final amber swirl marries with the previous fragrance, through it "The Dark Side" becomes more luminous and somewhat tamer!

This fragrance creation full of mystery and depth and this enticing glow develops very strongly even at my low body temperature.
There's nothing soft here!
Francesca Bianchi's "The Dark Side" lures you onto confusing paths that lead into a magical world to a strongly pulsating fragrant heart.
But even in this mystical place it is not only dark; golden shining light points, currents and even whirls refer to a successful and balanced fragrance balance!

Such a scent monster leaves traces on the skin for many hours, which cannot be easily washed off.
That's why we recommend the question: Do I follow "The Dark Side"?
12 Replies

30 Reviews
A guided meditation to meet the dark side in the depths of the subconsciousness.
The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi reminds me of those guided meditations where you have to enter the cellar of your subconsciousness to meet less known parts of yourself. Spraying it is like entering a basement to follow the smell of wax from the burning candles and a trail of an incense smoke. A place that never has seen the sunlight. Or may be a dark boudoir where the muddy windows are covered with black-out curtains. Lit by the candlelight and infused with the spicy smell of resins mixed with a trail of a honeyed floral nectar. A retro vanity table in the middle reveals you the symbols of your dark side - an old wooden jewel box full of forbidden secrets, a bright red lipstick in a silver case and a porcelain powder box... What do they mean to me? Let's look into the darkness of the mirror to face the dark side.
5.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    13
The Dark Side! Now DonJuanDeCat can really let off steam!
Hello and have a nice evening, folks. Today I will comment on the fragrance "The Dark Side" by Francesca Bianchi. Yes exactly, the dark side, and I'm 100% sure that this doesn't mean the burned side of a toast, but actually the dark side, which is the theme of the Star Wars movies again and again.

Hey he he, Star Wars is a topic you probably don't want to hear about, do you? Well, bad luck, I can really let off steam here now as already threatened in the title, mu ha ha ha ha :D

Well well,... apparently I can't fool you and have to admit that this fragrance has nothing to do with Star Wars in reality... *sigh* It's a fragrance that's supposed to express the darker side of the perfumer, so to speak. Of course, this does not mean anything reprehensible or even criminal, but rather a side that does not appear every day, something mysterious, something sensual, something intimate. All this suitably expressed with "dark scented scents"!
And originally the fragrance should even have a name like "Into Darkness" instead of The Dark Side.

Well, let's see how the scent smells, but I can't guarantee that I could mention a certain star war saga over and over again because of the scent name! D

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with beautiful resins, some oud and sweet notes (vanilla and amber, and then some honey), is soft and powdery and actually feels a bit "dark". Then also the spices come, whereby the smell also appears heavier. The spices have something of kitchen spices, but are difficult to identify individually.
Over time, the fragrance becomes softer as the resinous notes and vanilla become more intense, pulling the fragrance into a softer side.
By the way, there is very little oud and to be honest, you don't smell oud after the top note anymore (at least not me), instead you smell general woods, which is of course great. The spices make the smell slightly heavier, by the way also prevent that the smell becomes too sweetly, but to me the smell appears by the spices thereby every now and then somewhat dryer.
At the very end, the fragrance becomes a little softer again, even if you can still smell the spicy notes quite well. As I said, it still smells of spices, but the vanilla makes everything seem softer. And I would say that the spices of the late base are also good for the fragrance, because otherwise most fragrances always smell the same: Namely only pure vanilla, which is not the case here. This gives the fragrance a little more variety and depth.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is extremely good, you can smell the scent from a greater distance at one or at a smell. Sprayed a lot, it even fills the room for a while.
The shelf life is also extremely high, the fragrance can even last until the next morning depending on the dosage and is then still easily sniffed at the sprayed area!

The bottle:
With its simple, rectangular shape and the simple label on the front, the bottle basically looks just like thousands of other niche fragrances and is therefore nothing special or super great. It just looks nice, and I think that should do it.

So, the fragrance actually seems sensual and sexy, mysterious and mysterious. At least for the most part, because it smells a little too spicy every now and then and leaves a slightly dry impression, especially in the middle part. Nevertheless, the fragrance smells beautiful by and large and is, as described, really dark in its radiance, which is due to the woods, resins and a little oud. But at the same time it is also very soft and soft, and that despite the spices, so that it actually has something mysterious and erotic about it.

So for me it is definitely a fragrance for the evening, whether to go out, to cuddle or to... well,... you can imagine it! Best used in autumn and winter. From the smell unisex and in any case recommendable for all times, so test it quietly :)

Yes, The Dark Side is a great fragrance. The Dark Side.... yeah, I said I'd probably mention Star Wars again because of the scent name. No wonder the ladies don't fly at me with a nerd like me! *seeeufz* So I can keep talking about it, can't I? But don't "May the Force be with you" me, I don't like that saying somehow. And don't say, "Luke, I'm your father!" because this quote is absolutely absolutely wrong!" :DD
It's right to say, "No! I'm your father!"... argh, I'm such a neeeerd.... *sigh*

Be that as it may, you should run into this scent, then try it out, it might be worth it
3 Replies
7.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    18
Things are done June 1973
Like when you're the janitor
of the unlimited possibilities
if you had been called in,
to solve a dilemma.
You of all people shall
in this abandoned apartment
be the one to do it,
that brings light back into the darkness,
that creates order long overdue,
look at the right one,
to fix things,
all clear,
clear ship and all...
For God's sake,
yes, who knows what awaits you -
for years you haven't had anyone
see more coming or going.
The doors locked,
the windows as well.
Locked and locked,
can you say that?
Why not - after all, it's like that.
Mysterious, what's going on there?
And you should be off again and again
painful experiences,
know that you are just doing this task
will once again not be able to grow.
Once again. Not.
My dear.
How could you?

Because you don't even get
the simplest things:
numerous pets are deceased,
because you always forgot,
that besides the caresses
also need very tangible things,
like feed for example,
or, for fish,
sufficient water.

Also friendships are broken,
because you never could speak properly
to your friends,
who needed advice,
or clear instructions.

Instead you sang with them,
mindful crocheted and bobbin lace,
the names danced,
in the city park embracing old trees,
the pelvic floors trained,
all healthy cooked and supplied with food
and even the most harmless problems
still smiling away.

How can you be so reluctant to learn!
How's that ever gonna turn into anything...

And also the plants in your care
it wasn't enough,
that you confessed your love to them,
its flowers and leaves caressed,
their beauty and vitality.
Because despite, or because of,
this well-intentioned care
one morning they were very easy:
dried up.

Can that be true?
Do not see the essentials?
It's desperate.

So how can you become a janitor -
sure, clothes make the man,
and a grey coat always comes well,
with checked shorts until autumn,
that looks like a pro.
But is that enough?
Behind right ear a self-twisted
and three pens in the breast pocket:
of Saturn, Boris and Yeltsin -
we need all three of them.

And then this self-righteous attitude,
in the back, in the parking lot,
people are bawling out,
who just want to shop:
"Nanananana, you know you can't park here!" "
"Neeiiin...? - okay, boss, I'm off."
"Well, let's hurry up - and that's hoppla!"
Handseiving, knowing,
to have shown it to them again so correctly.

As I said -
little willing to learn.
And alien to the world!

But then everything comes completely different
than expected.
It's very easy to get ahead,
nothing is wrapped, littered or delivered.
On the contrary: it's very neat,
tidy almost:
actually it's picobello,
and held in suspension.

Turns out,
that the time is in this said apartment,
air, dust, powder too,
the light of the sun
of a well lived life
of a still perceptible person
and its very special history.
By leaving these rooms
and the closing of the door was stopped by time.
On this warm afternoon
june 1973.


"The Dark Side differs
not so much from the others
Francesca Bianchi Fragrances.
They're all very beautiful,
not very fresh, vital or pulsating,
but rather from a very special
deep, morbid and subdued effect -
so: how long ago,
the time held, paused,
Slow motion, standstill,
while around it the superficial life
always goes on.

What unites them is their respective magnificence,
the very long !! Shelf life
and then:
this special, small, fine and mean,
always a little dirty,
dirty and disgusting note.

This is perceptible throughout,
always only as a small accent.
Like this one little annoying thing,
which emphasizes the opposite.

The door is closed again,
and you go down the stairs,
in and back to real life.
Into the sun,
into the glow of this day.
Things are done.
Music plays on the radio:
Fleetwood Mac - Peacekeeper.
11 Replies
8.0 9.0 10.0 10.0/10

145 Reviews
The Dark Side
Francesca Bianchi Perfumes currently have four fragrances in their line up and this is my third review to date. If you are looking for something a little heavier, resinous and yes, darker, this might be the one for you.

1 Replies

56 Reviews
Very helpful Review    3
My Francesca Bianchi The Dark Side Review on YouTube
This is my Francesca Bianchi The Dark Side Review recently shot with Dalya on YouTube. The Dark Side is a dark, woody and resinous perfume but it's brightened by the honey and vanilla notes to make a smooth, creamy woody almost gourmand, delicious fragrance. It's the perfect fragrance and both Dalya and I are big fans of this beauty, The Dark Side from Francesca Bianchi. To find out more about Francesca Bianchi's The Dark Side perfume please watch my review on YouTube. Thank you.


Emorandeira 79 days ago
Honey, incense, iris, Wood, vanilla...Deep, dark, intense... This is a real beast, It fills a room un minutes and lasts eternal, Masterpiece
AromaX 11 months ago
A dark woody amber with a pronounced lipstick iris note and a retro vibe.+1
Hajuvana 3 years ago
How appropriate! The Dark Side smells both dirty and sweet.+2

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