07.02.2022 - 03:04 AM

Crime (Franck Boclet)

Crime is not an easy opens with a dark chocolate and a super strange accord that resembles a marzipan and at times even a slightly moldy bread crust (rss), I believe that because of the mixture with the medicinal synthetic oud. Then comes a floral aspect of heliotrope and a very light touch of leather, and finally, a chocolatey woody and subtly sweet finish. Oud and dark chocolate walk hand in hand from the opening to the apotheosis of perfume.
Crime is one of the most exotic perfumes in my collection, intriguing, mysterious; Crime is the translation of niche perfumery: different and original comes out of the repetitive sameness of current perfumery even in the niche.
A very unique fragrance, powerful and delicious aroma, I like it. Performance despite using 40% concentration is good not bombastic.
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