oudTouch by Franck Olivier

oudTouch 2014

14.01.2019 - 02:00 PM
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Lord of Darkness

If you are looking for a truly magnificent oud perfume at a very afforadable price, you have to check this one. It has very little to envy to much more expensive niche and desingners oud perfumes.

Oud Touch is mostly about roses and oud. Dark, Eastern roses, almost boozy, with hints of leather and resines. The caramel, the orange and the raspberry are barely noticeable. This is a nocturne fragance, brooding and misterious, which leaves a smoky and woody trace of extreme beauty that linges for ages. It could be the perfume of a vampire king. It could be the perfume of Coppolas Dracula. Something from East which becomes westernized.
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