Holle 01 - Eau de Waschsalon (2014)

Holle 01 - Eau de Waschsalon by Frau Holle
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Holle 01 - Eau de Waschsalon (Frau Holle)
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Holle 01 - Eau de Waschsalon is a limited perfume by Frau Holle for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-fresh. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 11.02.2019
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Scent 10.0/10
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Less helpful Review    28
So, dear ones, I've waited a long time for this day. Exactly 100 years later, I think the whole of Germany should smell of Iso-E-Super, and RUFE HIERMIT THE ISO-E-SUPER-REPUBLIK AUS!!!!!
I've been standing on a balcony here all day, in the middle of the Republic, shouting that, and maybe I should look for a crossroads with a 7-street, star-shaped inlet, so that many more people can see and hear me. Because the whole thing here stands and falls with MIR!

So far, many thanks, and best shout-outs and positive vibrations up to You, for the many great, and right comments; maybe except for those of Catsch and Hasi, she doesn't condemn, they can't help it that the Lord didn't give them the ability to smell and perceive the things as they really are, namely beautiful; for that they certainly have other, blatant advantages and qualities that their environment, and maybe they themselves are looking for, and then at some point find and appreciate. That's for sure. Maybe.

Short about the topic.
I came across the Iso-E-Super track when I was googling in this complicated internet that everyone is always talking about, actually looking for drinks that give you energy and mats that hold the heat.
That finally a perfume that can be honestly smelled comes out for those who are simply not anosmic (smell-blind), nobody would have guessed now really.
But that's the way it is, and Geza Schön has called here several times (probably to ask how I managed it all so perfectly), but I didn't answer it, and just let it ring.

Anyway, adding what I still wanted to say, scientist*

*) Robert Müller-Grünow

have found out that with the aura of Iso-E-Super one is almost godlike, untouchable, and that the counterpart in your face is always generous, magnanimous, and shows something else with a big, and you can imagine yourself in the self-created bliss of seconds, if you like, and want, and just can.

Many may ask themselves: Can I layer Iso-Holle with other fragrances, and what does that do to me.?
Answer: Yes, it makes you even more divine than you already are.

Just be yourself, everyone else already exists.
And so be there, too, when it says:
from now on TSCHÜß, Merkel, Jens Spahn, Pegida & Co.

If I can think of anything else, or if I have relevant questions, I would like to add here:

please leave it blank, if I can think of anything else, or for relevant questions

another one.
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Lust and frustration
Iso E super. Frustration or lust.
Curious by comments I bought Molecul 1 2 years ago. And was unhappy. I didn't smell anything. Or it is. Every now and then. Now and then simply ingenious. But just now and then. Although it was the first fragrance in a long time for which I received compliments, I gave it away to one of the girls who complimented. Because she could match it, recognize it, always smell it. So far so good.
I am not inclined to give up and know that we can learn to see and smell many things. Living everyday life with scent samples. Today scary, tomorrow singing nature. The skin, the nose (sometimes even the mind), learn and change. This wonderful now and then did not go out of my head.
I bought myself a little bottle of Mol Intens. I'm a Lehmann fan. And...don't smell anything. Neither then, nor when. So far so good.
Give up? Hmm. I don't think so.
I'm buying Lalique Perles. Oh, man. So beautiful. In the spray. Not even dry: nothing. Oh, come on, now. No. Yes. Ah. Wech. Damn.
Long pause from the iso. I'm totally frustrated. Because the gracefulness in me is wonderful soft orange wood. A fragrance that I know of nothing else and nothing comparable from nature. Okay, different with Lalique, sharper. It rumort.
So far, so good.
Okay, one last try now. Did I say I was persistent? My love laughs. Why do you want this so bad? Why don't you just take one of those tens of scents that flounder around here? You're buying forever new, especially now that this souk from Parfumo is opening more doors. He can't understand. A fragrance that is recognized as great, but not attainable. You can't do that. So give me the hell.
Is the nose developing or are there differences in Iso E super? I've read a lot. One says so, one says so.
I smell this scent I love so much. Ah. Oh, great. And what. Crazy. But I said yes: last try.
There I read Nizza's hint: On the damp cloth in front of the fan perfume. Gosh, I could've really figured that out myself. And I choose hello one. Because it says "spray on.
I'm stunned. My whole apartment smells gently of velvety orange wood with a clean character. Not chemical, not perfumed. Smells like......I can't say it at all, but I want it that way and will let the fan run for a few minutes every day even in winter.
And I want to smell it. I don't want to lay this off. Sure, tried, sure, go. Intensifies everything in a special way. But I want to smell THAT way, like Holle. Long time. Always smells good to me.
Damn, I almost wish I could never smell Iso E super. Never not. Then I wouldn't have this longing.
But all right, I'm not giving up. Like in bleep, I learn. I ordered a large portion of hellhole for the fan and to practice every day. And also here, at Holle, almost every day someone tells me: this smells good. I like to hear it, but I'm thinking about how all my other scents are perceived. Smells good BUT NOW. Apparently there are some people who are not odour-blind at Iso E super.

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Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 7.5/10
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Greatly helpful Review   
Sparkling bright
"Unit 811, adjust your telepathor. I can't hear you."
"Hello, Captain."
"Unit 811, where are you? Have you made contact with the people? Have you started the studies on the essence unit human being?"
"I'm in Europe, Germany, Berlin, Neukölln-Süd. They stole me off the street. I was classified as abandoned and found sweet."
"Stolen away? Why's that? 811, what terristrian form did you take?"
Unit 811 scratches himself embarrassed behind the ear. "I have the shape of a mackerel, ice-grey house cat."
"WAAAS? 811, what have you been doing at all the training sessions? Never, ever, ever take the form of a pet. The situation is serious. We'll come and free you. The spaceship will pick you up tonight."
"No, I'm staying here. I like it. I like it. I get stroked, people play with me and the food tastes good. Even the cat food is tastier than our pills. I'm all right. I'm all right. My studies are going ahead. It will be enough if you pick me up in the next sidereal time."

Unit 811, whose new name is Oleg, turns off the telepath, stretches himself, gets cuddled, which he likes very much, and then watches the essence unit man spraying a liquid on his arm. Interestingly, he thinks people are trying to cover up their body odor. So this is what helplessness looks like on the face of the human unit. He, on the other hand, is familiar with the smell. It smells as if the cleaning squad had arrived after a visit of the slimy Gnöggel and had wiped everything in the spaceship sparkling clean.

The human unit says, "Light, aerosol, wood, synthetics." Yeah, be a real baby. You can't write it like that, Oleg thinks, noticing that he already knows how to deal with people. The woman needs a tip, a lava stone is pushed into her memory by telepathy.

Oleg sums up very roughly what your favourite muddler from Earth says the next day as a result of wearing it: She thinks that "Holle 01" can be described as a perfume in the conventional sense, but much more as a fragrance or modern construct. She can perceive "Holle 01" well for at least ten hours and the other people can smell it too. She calls this a strong Sillage.

She associates the smell itself with the cleanliness and freshness of a laboratory. A light-flooded, penetrating and airy aura frames the impression of aerosols, mineral notes reminiscent of sand or lava rock. In addition to the indeterminable radiance of this fragrance, woody notes are the main factors that accompany "Holle 01". She can also imagine "Holle 01" very well as a substructure, as an odour carrier and amplifier of another woody perfume. She finds the scent absolutely unnerving despite laboratory cleanliness, but pleasant and quite cool. However, it was eaten away by the fact that it received more compliments for the fragrance than for any other perfume in one day. Surprisingly, she found the effect that "Holle 01" was reactivated the following day with the application of another perfume. All in all, my human unit was satisfied with the purchase and the result. Oleg, however, also, because if the human being is well, the animal is happy.

Addendum for all alien and cat fans: Oleg was not stolen from the street. It is only a neighbour male with sister, who likes to drop by and let herself be cuddled extensively. And me, I'm still on cat deprivation.
15 Replies
Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 7.5/10
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Greatly helpful Review    41
Falling out of all clouds

Remember: the summer wind in your hair and salt on your skin and laughter in your stomach,
Do you remember that? The sky so far and the longing for more:more life,more freedom,more feel and taste,
Do you remember that? And wear his favourite shirt that smells of the sea and more and knows nothing more and everything,
Do you remember that? Holle 01 transports all this: a lot of white, neat and clean wood, a lot of floating, little tangible and yet omnipresent.
In the end, Holle 01 underlines what is in us, what we love and want and sometimes in the hurry of the day to forget to get out.
Yes, Mrs. Holle has conjured, stirred or shaken for us, because she does not look like someone who is interested in such a thing.
27 Replies

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