№ 10 Linde Berlin Unter den Linden (2009)

№ 10 Linde Berlin / Unter den Linden by Frau Tonis Parfum
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№ 10 Linde Berlin is a popular perfume by Frau Tonis Parfum for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-green. It is still in production.

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Linden blossom, Honey, Leaf green



8.2 (43 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    9
Splendid... back then!
To take it straight away, I have never been to our capital and never will be. But I do know films that show Berlin during the imperial era. The time when automobiles had not yet conquered the cityscape. That time when you could still stroll leisurely along Berlin's boulevard "Unter den Linden". Originally laid out as a riding path from the Prussian kings' city palace to the zoo, this magnificent boulevard leading to the Brandenburg Gate adorns lime trees on both sides. Summer lime trees! They bloom in June. Back then, gentlemen wore tail coats or suits and on their heads bowlers or top hats and ladies of fine society tied up strictly in corsets, beautiful long dresses decorated with Paris lace. Equipped like this, on Sundays at the beginning of summer they went for a stroll under the flowering lime trees. The summer lime trees radiated the exhilarating odeur of their blossoms, which mixed honey sweetly with the aroma of the leaves and the scent spread over the entire avenue.
Ganau smells like "No. 10 Linde Berlin", Mrs. Toni's perfume. Wonderfully authentic, as if you were standing under a flowering lime tree. The fragrance does not change and remains true to itself. It has a happiness factor for me and is simply enchanting in its simplicity and naturalness. I would like to thank Addicta for letting me get to know and love this wonderful fragrance. It's always worth testing if you like authentic scents.
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Greatly helpful Review    16
the end of this lime tree
"Untern Linden I always like to promenade by.
Oh, the passage is difficult. And the pushing..."
Walter Kollo described the street "Unter den Linden" as we would like it to be.
Blossoming lime trees, promenading people - summer in Berlin!
We'd better remember her that way. Because what are "the lime trees" today? Exhaust air impregnated, vehicle to vehicle on both sides of the central strip, which gives this passage its name, some benches, with the back to the roadway standing, building sites ...
A little "pushing" is only possible at the "Festival of Lights" when the big light show attracts a lot of people.

The lime tree, this beautiful, patient street tree, disappears more and more from the cityscape: whole streets, mainly the old residential streets, lose their early summer magic, their shady charm.
The lime blossom is dirty: Drivers who park in their shadow and the city sanitation rage against this beautiful green; year after year we read these suits in the newspapers.

How did this tree once shape Berlin: not only the East-West Tangent bears its name; so many guest and beer gardens are still called "Zur Linde" today.
Where is the legendary "white with a shot" still drunk as pleasurably as "below the lime tree".

This fragrance "N° 10 Linde Berlin Unter den Linden" is sold by Mrs. Tonis Parfum.
It was created by Harry Lehmann, today "Parfum Individual". The shop in the Charlottenburger Kantstraße is not only well known to many Berliners, but also to many perfumers.
But this "lime tree" will not be able to please us for a very long time.
Due to the new EU regulation it will also have to be removed from the market.
As I was told in the shop the other day, there should be no such thing.

So let's keep our treasure; it's worth it!
Here the lime blossom is still authentic; it smells as stunning as it develops at dusk.
These fragile feathery florets generously release their extraordinary aroma to the creamy golden honey. A "lime blossom honey" in pure fragrance form.
This reminds me of the enfleurage; only that here honey is used instead of fat as a fragrance carrier.
So this fragrance development is a truly sensual pleasure; the result comes close to a fragrance frenzy.
In the leaf green plays felt the sunlight; it draws living shadows, dances on streets and squares.
The Ur-Berlin summer comes here from the flacon and delights at any time of the year.
And she is durable, this impression of a summer evening; perhaps through her marriage with the honey.
Anyway, she accompanies me astonishingly long, stays friendly and says goodbye quietly at some point.
I will miss it, this "lime tree", which I just got to know in this form.

As consolation I have on the square in front of our house a lime tree which is now a good fifteen years old; the home of a sparrow colony which grows from year to year.
It too is now blooming over and over and makes us forget that we are in the middle of the city.
Mrs. Toni's "N° 10 Linde Berlin Unter den Linden" has one thing in front of her: in the evening she flirts with big rich elderberry blossoms and the white panicles/grapes of the two Robinias, the so-called "false acacias" - this one was once an old Berlin street tree too.
However, the fragrance concert that is regularly created here in the evenings is so concentrated and intoxicating: it would probably blow up any bottle!
Too bad I lost my cricket this winter. It lived in the large rosemary and accompanied some summer evenings with its chirping.

So let's celebrate summer, nature and of course Mrs. Tonis/Harry Lehmanns "Linde"!
Let us rejoice in what is so richly given to our senses!
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10.0 7.5 10.0/10

14 Reviews
Perfect Linden
I find this to be the best Linden perfume I have come across. It really does capture the blossoms on sunny day, beautiful. I find there is warmth in this composition, sunny, sweet and nectar rich.

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by Mustang69
by Mustang69
by Mustang69
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Wunderbarer authentischer süßer Lindenduft! Mit ihm ist immer Juni!
by Olentia
by Blaumilch
by Blaumilch
Lindenblüte, Honig und Blattgrün! Prächtiger natürlicher Duft der Linden im Juni! Neuer Liebling!
by Olentia
by Gold
by Gold

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