№ 56 Valeria

№ 56 Valeria by Frau Tonis Parfum
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№ 56 Valeria is a perfume by Frau Tonis Parfum for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-earthy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Fern, Clover, Moss, Lemon, Mandarin



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Submitted by GuidoSch, last update on 08.06.2019.
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Have you ever hugged a tree?
No? I do, but more about that now.
First of all I would like to thank our Don, who recently gave away a set of 3 Travelsprays by Mrs. Tonis Parfum in the forum. I got in touch, got the "acceptance" and can now annoy you with comments on the scents and then claim that I had no other choice after all. That's what Don had wished for. Well Don himself to blame... ¶)
Let's get back to hugging a tree. It's now also a trend like I've read elsewhere. I've never seen one before, but others have seen me. The day before yesterday. Involuntarily. On the right a 30kg dog, on the left another 25kg dog and that results in the sum more than my own body weight, which is why I had no chance at all when the daredevil squirrel first jumped from the tree, landed approx. 5m in front of our feet and then rush up the tree again. It paused for a moment at the front of the tree and then disappeared at the back, gazing at you can't see me at all. One dog pulled past the tree on the right, the other on the left to unite side by side behind the tree. I was the only one hanging from the tree. Shocked. Somewhat painful. Somewhat embarrassed, hoping no one had seen that. Then I inhaled deeply and smelled this scent.
Valeria is a beautiful green, earthy and woody scent which is at first almost ethereal. It smells intensely of moss and the scent of fresh green leaves rubbed between your fingers. I form a little bit of a herbal smell, but also a little bit of a sweet-sweet as-even if it's not listed in the notes- Waldmeister. A note reminiscent of freshly stirred earth is also present for my nose. The Intensive takes a back seat within the first hour. The green overall impression is definitely there, but the fragrance becomes softer and rounder. The notes seem to fuse together in a beautiful way. I don't smell lemon at all, but the woody one gets a slightly fruity undertone after about 1 hour. Mandarins, the sweet ones, get there already quite well.
Hold the fragrance does about 5 hours. The first hour it is quite strong and well perceptible by others, then it slowly retreats more and more, so that you have to come closer to catch some of the scent.
The normal flacons of Mrs. Toni I know so far only from pictures. The Travelsprays are 7.5ml glass bottles, which even have a small aluminium lid. They are delivered beautifully lined up next to each other in a white folding cardboard box and inside is still a small instruction manual where man and woman can spray perfume best. Altogether a very endearing performance (photo in my album).
For me, Valeria is definitely unisex with a slight tendency towards masculine, perhaps because moss is also more often found in "pure" men's fragrances, which is why I tend to put it in this drawer.
I am fascinated by this fragrance, because it immediately transfers me olfactorically into a forest (not only in front of a tree) where nature has awakened from hibernation. There is renewal and departure, everything is alive, powerful and peaceful at the same time. It puts me where I like to go best when everything has to be at zero, my nerves are overstrained, I've lost myself a little Who looks for this for at home, should look at Valeria times.
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