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№ 44 Feige (2018) by Frau Tonis Parfum
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№ 44 Feige (2018) is a perfume by Frau Tonis Parfum for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-fruity. It is still in production.
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Green fig, Fig, Leaves, Cedarwood, Tonka bean



7.6 | 8 Ratings


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6.6 | 11 Ratings
Submitted by Anessa, last update on 02.11.2020.
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Côte d'Azur in the reading garden
A walk to the rental library suddenly turned into a short vacation on the Côte d'Azur.
"After I had supplied myself with supplies, I sat down in the small "reading garden" on the back of the public library Until five or six years ago, this part of the property consisted only of an unsightly paved path and a wild embankment. Despite the two large French windows, no one was drawn there.
Then a plant-loving pensioner appointed this piece of land as her garden: since then, a resting point has been created in the city's garden.
Climbing plants have settled on the embankment, kitchen herbs and other greenery finely aromatize the air. Large tubs and small flower pots accommodate flower creatures, in a sheltered corner live bamboo and some orchids in their pots.
Tables and chairs invite you to linger; often students sit there in the middle of their documents.
Also many people who regularly read the daily newspapers and other printed products - up to the "Yellow Press" - found their place in this beautiful idyll Surprisingly even the everywhere prevailing mobile phone prohibition is kept there!
(I haven't heard anything from an emergency doctor about withdrawal symptoms yet.)

As you know, I am very "communicative" (you can also call it talkative) and so I met a woman with whom I had been blurting away for some time. We are always happy when we meet: because we have time between all the books and plants.
And if we only talk about the "new publications" in both areas.

But I was amazed when she waved at me and said she had been waiting for me because she wanted to show me something. Hm! What could that possibly be?
From her summer skirt bag she conjured up a bottle I knew well: a friend had given her wife Toni's perfume "N° 44 Fig" in the new version.
Since we also talked about Parfumo and the underlying passion for fragrances, she was proud of this gift and sprayed it generously on me.

Oh, what a view opened itself to me in our small reading garden: wide blue sea, sun, shadow plays of many fingered fig leaves on cultivated ways, quite a lot of green and wonderful cedars!
After my own fig plant had to leave for lack of a larger pot (where would it have found room on the balcony?), I only experienced this invigorating greenery in our Botanical Garden.
There are fig bushes in bricked-up roundabouts, which are surrounded by a wooden bench.
The sensual experience of suns, shadows, green leaves and fruits is also available in Berlin-Dahlem: full and with the calming click of the sprinklers in the background.
The green, unripe fruit still smells fresher and more bitter than the one that invites you to bite into it.
Because these, as well as the fig leaves and other foliage form the basis of this scent painting from the south.
Of course, the woody aroma of the sunlit cedars goes well with this; a fruity green spice surrounds me.
The tonka bean clouds my summer joy a little: without it I would be happier!
Because even now, after several hours, she still feels like an uninvited guest - too bad!
This beautiful green at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, would (in my opinion) be a magical companion through a southern summer day (without this aroma).

But this is a very personal feeling: Tonka beans and me, we are very rarely "Best Buddies". So I can imagine that this "N° 44" by Mrs. Tonis Parfum will find many lovers.
Who likes it summery spicy with green freshness, can look forward to a faithful companion.
Because with me the smell process does not develop rapidly; therefore the durability is also appropriate for a charming summer friend
Although I will leave it with this unique and extensive fragrance bath in Mrs. Tonis fig, I am pleased nevertheless to have made such a friendly and lively acquaintance A recommendation for Tonka bean friends is this summery creation in any case.
This short scent trip is perfect!
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